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21 March 2010

"The Psychic Energy Cycle"

Here's another one of those crazy ideas I've been thinking about. We're all familiar with the water cycle. Water evaporates, rises into the atmosphere, and when the air can't hold anymore, the water falls back to earth as some form of precipitation.
We also have the law of conservation of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just changes form.
Years ago, I noticed that the "magical" enrgy of folklore and certain religions (and later, concepts like psychic energy, etheric energy, ki, chi, prana, and tons of other terms) behaves a lot like electricity. Natural Magic makes use of the properties of certain materials to accomplish a desired effect. Silver, gold, iron, salt, lodestones, crystals, silk, etc. I noticed that the vast majority of these natural materials also demonstrate unique electrical qualities. Silver is an excellent conductor, silk is an insulator, the amount of salt in a solution can adjust its conductivity,
And silver kills vampires, iron keeps many creatures away, witches, vampires, and ghosts can't cross moving water.
We're talking about an energy form here, plain and simple. Werewolves aren't allergic to silver, it's just that it shorts out their etheric energy field, so to speak.
Now, take hold of my hand (some of you are welcome to take hold of any other body part should you so desire!). We're about to take a BIG leap.
What are some of mankind's most universal, powerful, natural dreams and desires? Flight would have to be right up there. Who hasn't dreamed of flying? And I myself have always thought it would be incredibly awesome to be able to breath underwater and swim like a porpoise. (compared to other superheroes, Aquaman may be lame, but compared to the rest of us mere mortals, he's pretty impressive imo). And what about the desire to roam free, run wild, walk the earth, y'know, get back to nature? Ever dream of being an animal strolling through the woods without a care in the world? And there's those inborn, primative propensities for sex, violence, violent sex and sexy violence. Whether it's the urge to strangle the idiot in line at the market counting out 500 pennies or the desire to hop in the sack with an anonymous hot stranger without fear of rejection or any of the complications imposed on us by society and biology, it's there whether we admit it or not.
What IF all those dreams, all that energy if you will, gathers somewhere until it reaches a sufficient level to manifest itself in the form of some phenomenon? All those flight dreams build up until we get a UFO flap, or sightings of flying humanoids, or a Jersey Devil or Mothman. That desire to get back to nature materializes as a wondering Bigfoot or big black cat. Our violence may mutilate cattle, or form a chupacabras and lay waste to a chicken coop. Our good ol' lust? Incubi, succubi, vampires, amorous "Greys" out to sap our precious bodily fluids...
Fellow blogger Autumnforest, on her Ghost Hunting Theories blog, discusses factors such as geology, geography, topography, magnetic field activity and others as they relate to hauntings. It's no stretch to consider that these factors would influence this "energy cycle" as well. Just as the Gulf stream in the ocean, the jet stream in the air, even mountains and lakes affect precipitation patterns, copper and silver mines, quartz deposits, and limestone outcroppings could well influence energy flow patterns.
Maybe this is why certain areas become hot spots, or why anonmalous phenomena may center on a certain area for a certain amount of time. Our energy builds up in the "atmosphere" until it is released in a display of things that make us say "WTF?"
I can't help but think of the movie "Forbidden Planet" with its warnings about "monsters from the Id!".
Maybe we has met the monsters (or ghosts, or UFOs, or aliens...) and they is us.

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Autumnforest said...

Fantastic post! I like the way your mind works. I contemplate this a lot. One day, I was walking out of the store on a pretty typical day in the desert and I stopped and looked up to the northeast. I studied the mountains in the far distance and just suddenly knew deep in my body that there was a meeting of minds and spirits of enormous strength. I can't explain psychic intuition except to say it's like you have a sense of the world from a god-like vantage point and can see what's going on everywhere that you focus. I was standing in the parking lot just staring stupidly at the mountains thinking, "I want to be there. I want to be with them." I rushed home and sat down and did meditation which I'm not always disciplined to do since I'm a total spaz. I felt a complete and utter peace like I've never felt before. I was watching the news that evening and they said, "thousands converged in the northeastern part of the state for a mass meditation for peace on earth." Wow. I think about that years later and I still shiver. I've wanted to do an experiment with this on my blog. I'll work on the design of that, but I think it would be a cool experiment. I know from where I grew up that my sisters and I all seemed to have a lot of kinetic energy and a lot of poltergeist stuff happened around us. To this day, I still can't wear a watch. They always die on me within a few hours or days. I seem to affect things a lot. Occasionally on a bad day, I can walk down the grocery aisle and things fall from the shelves that I'm no where near. It freaks people out. I've had old ladies back away from me like I'm the devil. So, yeah, the power of humans and the right conditions in the environment--anything is possible. I love to study conditions in which people see Bigfoot or experience ghosts or chupacabra and UFOs and wonder if there are factors that make some people more likely to be witnesses to such things by virtue of being what I always call "ghost magnets." This is an interesting discussion. I hope you continue it.