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24 March 2010

UFO's, Seeing What We Want To See?

I previously posted about the possibility that UFO witnesses are seeing what they are "meant" to see. After further thought I'm beginning to wonder if witnesses see what they want to see.
Consider the "evolution" of UFO design. In the 1800's, when lighter-than-air-craft were the state of the art, witnesses reported sightings of "airships", Zeppelin-like blimps, some of which featured open gondolas full of revellers. while primative by todays standards or the classic sci-fi idea of an alien craft, these airships were miles ahead of contmporary technology. And followers of the "ancient astronaut" theory recount descriptions of flying "chariots", again, the witnesses described the craft as fitting an advanced extension of their own technology.
In 1947 Kenneth Arnold spotted nine objects near Mt. Ranier. He described them as flying through the air "like a saucer would". Never mind that Arnold's actual description of the craft themselves was more bat-wing like, similar to the "Flying Wing" project or even todays stealth aircraft, the phrase "flying saucer" became a part of the world's vocabulary. And of course, "saucer shaped" UFOs became the norm among witnesses for decades thereafter. I can't help but wonder how the UFO phenomenon would have been altered if Arnold has described the craft as "skipping like a stone."?
Following the "saucer craze", another shape began popping up in UFO descriptions: the cigar. We were entering an age when rocket shapes represented man's technological capability. And oddly enough, the UFO reports began to echo this image.
And now, in the 21st century, along come the triangles. The mysterious flying triangles are the latest manifestation of the UFO. Again, this represents the public's perception of what an advanced air/spacecraft should look like.
And ironically (intentionally?) the current triangles are a more accurate representation of Arnold's objects from six decades ago.
IF UFOs are spacecraft from a distant planet, why does their state-of-the-art apparently mirror our own perceptions of what they should look like?
Are we seeing what "they" want us to see? Or, are we "projecting" our own images onto whatever the UFO phenomenon really is?
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Autumnforest said...

Great thoughts. I have to admit to seeing several UFOs in my life--but I live in the desert SW, so you see a helluva lot of them there and most I blame on Area 51. One time, I saw one for quite some time with my husband and son and we all saw, photographed and described the exact same thing. It looked like three large balls attached to each other in a triangle. We are seeing a lot of these on UFO shows and such as the new triangle phenomenon. When something like this occurs, I think to myself it's either the govt has a new craft that we're seeing here in the desert nearby where they're testing it or we're being visited by the same UFO over and over again. I'm not sure it's a project of what we think UFOs should be, especially when we're filming them, but it's something revisiting over and over again. I've seen other people who filmed the exact thing we filmed and I think that makes it very telling that it's repeatedly going overhead in different places. What we saw didn't seem like any kind of crazy new technology because it flew steadily and slowly across the sky on a very direct south to north path and made no sound, so I don't see any great benefit for us to invent something like it. I also think we'd be stupid to (on a clear day) fly the thing overhead in a big city. If it is a UFO, could be a situation in which it comes back to visit over different periods of time and it's doing another look-see lately and it did it in the past. It really is baffling. We all agreed it was not something we've ever seen or heard of before and its very design seemed rather ridiculously cumbersome. You know what I like about you, Burt? (besides your curmudgeon sense of humor) is that you're really open to lots of explanations. Your blog reminds me of my blog with theories and knocking around concepts, except you do the really hardcore stuff--monsters and UFOs. It's pretty darned cool. Have you thought of writing a book? I'd love to give advice.

Gummerfan said...

main reason I'm always looking at "alternative" theories and explanations is that I've been interested in this stuff for so long. As a kid I heard of the Loch Ness Monster, UFOs, the Abominable Snowman... Then I kind of put it all on the back burner, thinking "Oh well, someday some scientists will figure it all out for us."
Now it's decades later, and we're no closer to solving these mysteries than we were when I read Frank Edwards' "Stranger Than Science" back in the third grade.
Oh, and when I say "projecting", I don't mean to imply that it's all in the witnesses head, or just their imagination. I do believe these phenomena exist in objective reality. I also believe that there's some kind of Intelligence behind these things, and that Intelligence knows what we expect to see and manifests itself accordingly.

Jeff said...

I've wondered before if (some) UFO's were not some sort of facade that appear to fit the expectations of the viewer(s). A lot of people assume that extraterrestrial visitors would be scientists with advanced technologies...but what if they weren't? What if they were something else entirely? What if they can somehow shapeshift or project a certain image?

Anonymous said...

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Gummerfan said...

Certainly, anything for the cause!