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27 April 2010

Alabama Bigfoot & Infrasound

If you're not familiar with the theory that Bigfoot uses infrasound as a means of communication or even defense (thus explaining the paralysis and panic experienced by some witnesses) a quick Google search ("Bigfoot infrasound") will reveal that this topic has been discussed and debated by numerous bloggers, forum posters, and researchers.
Since I can't sit back and watch a debate without adding a little fuel to the fire ( a weakness I'm trying to overcome) I thought I'd share a few passages I read in a book called "Alabama Unsolved Mysteries", by Margaret Walter-Wilson:

"The hair stands up on the back of your neck and the skin crawls, the dogs whimper and cower, and then the bloodcurdling scream shatters the uneasy stillness. Reaearchers and other witnesses describe the scream as similar to that of a howler monkey from South America, but shriller and with a low frequency pitch, which you feel through your chest and clothes more so than you actually hear" (emphasis mine)"Country folk as a rule are familiar with all the usual sounds of Alabama-owls, peacocks (if you've never heard the screech of peacock in the middle of the night, you don't know what "scary" sounds like!-G) and yes, even the occasional black panther- but they say nothing comes close to the chilling howls and screams of this large, furry primate."

Just another little piece of data for the theorists to...theorize about.

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Autumnforest said...

Hey Burt;
Yeah, I've been intrigued by that because a lot of folks are saying infrasound is the spectrum with which ghosts can communicate and thus we get those very uncomfortable feelings. If you've ever had an inconsiderate teen neighbor with a super bass system in his car stereo, you know that chest thumping feeling. It definitely affects the human body and what's really intriguing to me is that other animals use infrasound and they are large animals, so the size of BF would make it entirely possible that he can send messages to his buddies without us being the wiser. The next piece of equipment for in the field--a freakin expensive meter that can pick up the infrasound range... Oh, and Burt, that part about you seriously hoping to get over your tendency to add fuel to the fire--I seriously hope not! We need rebels and lone wolves like you in the field.