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08 April 2010

Destination Truth: Jumping The Shark?

I'm not ready to close the book on DT yet, but last night's episode has me scratching my head.
Okay, so Josh Gates and company are headed out to the desert to investigate some haunted ghost towns. These locations are known, mapped, and all you need to do is find the coordinates (which are most certainly filed somewhere), load up in a Jeep and set forth.
But, the DT team opted to travel by car, then break out paragliders so they could mark the coordinates, THEN hop onto an assortment of ATVs (including an amphibious the desert) for the final leg. Can you say "excessive"? I was waiting for Josh to drop from his paraglider into a moving Jeep Rubicon a la' Lara Croft.
I would have rather done without that whole "adventure vacation" scene in favor of more coverage of that awesome cemetery. (was that place not GREAT?!)

But, the gang wasn't finished with their pointless side trips. In the second segment, despite knowing where the legendary creature was said to live, they decide to take a totally unwarranted river rafting trip. A few minutes in some whitewater climaxed by a plunge over a waterfall, all so Ryder could get thrown from the raft. (there's an old Hollywood axiom, "if you can't get her naked, get her wet!"). And then, once they finally reach the creature's alleged habitat, we get not one, but two segments of Josh scuba diving in the murky waters and reporting on how poor the visibility is. (what, once wasn't enough to figure that out? You've got sonar and an underwater camera, use them). This also would hve been a good time to utilize the amphibious ATV that they used to race around the desert.
The great thing about cryptozoology/monster hunting/paranormal investigations is that anybody can do it. Josh Gates and the DT team have the funding and the access to locations that most of us can only dream about. I'd prefer to see them working more and playing less.
I like DT, I really do, but I just want more Hardy Boys and less Johnny Quest.


Autumnforest said...

Hee hee. I'm right this minute editing my post for tomorrow which is another in my LAUGH series that mocks ghost hunting shows and Josh. That's what I wrote into the scene--all the ways he gets to places the most convoluted manner. Be sure to read it tomorrow. You'll chuckle. Yeah, I get the feeling that it's entirely possible that Chile did not keep coordinates for places like that--GPS is something we haven't been using all that long, but it seems like one nice hired helicopter could have done it better and did they need to put everyone up in the air? It was pretty funny. It has become a lot about the recklessness and the crazy adventure and less about the research. I'm so disappointed how short their research goes on. I don't care how the hell they get there, just so long as they stay for a week. You have it right on the nose--they are getting close to jumping the shark because they took the adventure aspect and went overboard.

Unknown said...

Yes Josh Gates has "Jumped the Shark". I actually really liked him and the show. Even his corny sense of humor reminded me of things I probably would have said. Icelandic Elves and Leprechauns! Tune in next week when he looks for the Smurfs.

Adventure Fan said...

Icelandic Elves and Leprechauns. Tune in next week when he looks for (he never finds anything) the SMURFS!