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26 April 2010

Great Find on the Bargain Table

Yesterday I was poking around the local Books A Million. I had picked up the latest Shotgun News, and on the way out I decided to check out the bargain tables. I had decided on a big coffee table book about Area 51 and Roswell, looked okay, nothing spectacular. But then I caught sight of a little hardcover book entitled "The Vampire Watcher's Handbook, A guide for slayers", by Constantine Gregory, for the irresistable price of $3.97. Not expecting much, I flipped it open, saw a few neat pics and interesting chapter titles, so I picked it up.
You must understand that when it comes to Vampires, I'm a "purist". I don't give a rat's rear end about Dracula, Buffy, Twilight, or Lestat. If it isn't solidly based on history and folklore, it's not worth my time. When I got home and started reading, I was blown away. Not since the chapter on Vampires in John Michael Greer's magnificent "Monsters: An Investigator's Guide To Magical Beings" have I run across a modern work so well-researched and grounded in traditional Vampire lore. There's a wealth of material packed into this tiny book, and the bibliography lists a few more obscure texts I haven't heard of before.
You can go the tough route and plow your way through Summers, Calmet, Perkowski, et al, or you can flip through this handy guide for a quickie.
It's also small enough to fit in a pocket on my BDUs. Buy it, take a copy with you on your next cemetery jaunt or stroll across Europe!

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Autumnforest said...

That's a good find! I love when that happens. Sometimes, I think it's more than serendipity that has you going to the bargain table--it's like the book was calling you.