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30 April 2010

Tales Of Heavy Weirdness

One of my coworkers told me about this this morning.
Exactly one year ago yesterday, her ex-husband was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. Last night, her teenaged daughter decided she wanted to visit her dad's grave. Since it was already dark, the mother and daughter grabbed a flashlight (this is important later) and went to the cemetery. The mother was already dressed for bed, so she put on a t-shirt and wasn't wearing a bra. (I'm not being salacious, this also is important!)
When they were by the grave, the daughter became upset and started crying, and the mom said she was trying to comfort her by telling some stories about the times when she was younger. Suddenly, the mom heard and felt a loud POP in her hand as the flashlight went out. She checked it and found that the batteries had exploded inside.
While she was telling me this story, she jokingly said, "What if it was HIM?" I told her that it might have been, and explained to her the frequent phenomena associated with ghosts, haunted places, and batteries.
Oh, and about the t-shirt thing, when the light went out, the mom felt an insect fly into her shirt and try to land on her boobs.
Maybe that was him, too?

Where's The Holiday Spirit?

Speaking of t-shirts and boobs,in case you weren't aware, today was National Go To Work Naked Day. Since I work in an office full of women, I was rather excited about this. I thought it would be a nice break from the recent hellishness. But, discretion being the better part of valor, I peeked in the door before I entered, only to find that no one else was participating. So, with my head hanging low, I skulked flaccidly back to the car, put on some clothes, and put my camera in the glovebox.
It would have been a great day for it, too. The temperature and humidity were just right for nudity. Just enough for those tiny, glistening beads of perspiration to form on their bodies and slowly trickle southward towards those exotic locales men dream of visiting.
Oh well, maybe next year.


Autumnforest said...

A booby fly, hmm?? I would guess hubby was trying to keep her from being seen in public without a bra. That'd be my assumption.

So far as going to work naked--I do that all the time--I work from home. It makes it nice to take a break and jump into the pool. My coworkers don't mind at all. :-)

Above the Norm said...

That fly would have definately been my hubby especially since it landed on her boob, lol. We were once buzzed by a hummingbird while visiting my Mother-in-law's grave. She loved them, so I told my hubby that it was his mother saying "hello".