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16 May 2010

Bigfoot To The Left Of Me, Greys To The Right

It's funny how some of these ideas of mine develop. I was all set to do a series on "Monsters That OUGHT To Exist". Naturally, I was planning to include Bigfoot and other hairy hominids. After all, what's so far-fetched about the possibility that some undiscovered population of great apes still roam the world? The sightings certainly continue. But the smoking gun (figurative or literal) evidence still eludes us.
From there, I started looking into the psychology behind the BF phenomenon. We (humans) love an underdog, especially one that reminds us of us. The thought that a relict population of something that should be extinct speaks to our universal hope that we too can survive whatever this planet throws at us. It sparks a hope that, if a group of Neanderthals can survive, so can Homo sapiens. Bigfoot represents our past (maybe). These creatures strike a chord with our own desire to get back to nature, to be at home in the wild places of the world, to exist as a part of the planet, rather than apart from it. In a way, we envy them, we want them to be real. Despite the scanty evidence, we want, wish, and possibly even will them to exist. In a way, Bigfoot is us.
From there, I planned to explore other cryptids that quite possibly exist (giant catfish, surviving giant ground sloths, aquatic monsters) but somehow I got sidetracked into thinking about ETs, Space Aliens, the UFOnauts, nowadays commonly referred to as "Greys".
The worlds of Cryptozoology and UFOlogy rarely collide, and when they do, it is frequently with a great deal of reluctance, suspicion, and even paranoia on the part of both sides. Bigfoot is an ape, Greys are a race of advanced beings from another planet who travel about in flying saucers (or flying cigars, or flying triangles...), and never the twain shall meet.
But again, psychologically, what does the little Grey alien represent to us?
Just as Bigfoot is a reminder of our collective past, the Greys demonstrate where we are going, our future (maybe).
As is the case of Bigfoot evidence, any possibility of intergalactic travel eludes us. We simply can't do it. Sure, theoretical physics can mathematically demonstrate the possibility of crossing space/time, or jumping through a wormhole. It can be proven ("on paper", anyway) that there is a multitude of universes and dimensions coexisting alongside our own. ("alongside" isn't really an accurate term, though). We just can't get there from here.
But, the Greys apparently can. These highly advanced beings appear to have solved the problem of crossing over. They appear and disappear at will. They can seemingly manipulate time and space itself. They have the technology, the intelligence, the ability that we lack. If Bigfoot is a prime example of Man's desire to be a part of nature, the Greys epitomize our equally driven desire to exercise dominion over it. As in the case with Bigfoot, we envy them. We long to possess their abilities, and we as a species strive to develop it. However, while Bigfoot is at home in the wild places of the Earth, the Greys seem pretty ill-equipped to survive in the great outdoors. Technologically advanced to the point of dependency, evolved past the point of no return. Unable to survive without their technology, as out of place in the wilderness as a city dweller in the country without cellphone service. The Greys, it would appear, is also us.
Are the twin phenomena of Bigfoot/Hairy Hominids and UFOs/Aliens more closely related than many believe? Is there a connection between UFO sightings and Bigfoot encounters? Is our objective reality an intersection where these creatures from the past and entities from the future occasionally meet? Mankind has gone from living in a dirty cave to exploring the galaxy in the blink of acosmic eye. Do these twin phenomena serve as physical manifestations of our past and glimpses into our future?
And then there's another possibility. Maybe I've got it all backwards. Maybe the Greys are our distant past, maybe the Bigfoot are our future. Some of the theories about the 2012 hoopla predict a cataclysmic event. The End Of The World As We Know It. Certain Doom for the human race. Others insist it will be the beginning of a new era for mankind, a time of expanded consciousness and revolutionary discovery, ushering in a new age.
Maybe we'll develop into the advanced race we call the Greys. Or perhaps a great cataclysm we reduce us to dwelling in the forests again, devoving into something big and hairy.
It DOES appear that Man's place is somewhere between the creature of nature that is Bigfoot, and the advanced (yet technology-dependent) Greys.

"Clowns to the left of me,
Jokers to the right,
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you."
-Stealer's Wheel-

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Autumnforest said...

You are always a breath of fresh air for me! I would so love to just sit and shoot the breeze with you all night, down a few beers under the stars and contemplate our stands on the big cryptid mysteries. I have a feeling it would be an animated conversation! I have to say that you're onto something. Bigfoot is our origins, greys are our future. I can see that. I can also see that man has a bigger desire for Jesus to revisit again, so why aren't we having sightings of him? Yeah, a few mentally ill folks think he talks to them, and a few make some quick cash on ebay when he shows up on their slice of toast in the morning, but a spiritual embodiment of man is what man really should be reporting frequently and chasing after, and yet we're not. I'm not sold on the idea that BG or greys are necessarily projections from our psyches. It would seem that if we had a desire to connect with our ancient man, we would be seeing adorable little chimp-like creatures and yet men for hundreds of years have been reporting a huge ape that appears to correlate with an actual branch of man's evolution--gigantopethicus. It's pretty wild that we would choose a huge threatening ape-man to be our projection and yet it is a feasible missing link. Hmm... I don't know where I stand on greys. I'm way too practical to believe that they exist and yet at the same time I was hypnotized years ago and during the regression to my childhood, I recalled in great detail so many events that occurred but at one time when the hypnotherapist had me go to my bedroom and describe the room, I turned and saw in the corner a grey--it was the classic grey except it had some kind of thing on the middle of its forehead as if it were a member of royalty or had a gadget or something, but I remembered it as a kid would, not sure if it was a crown or a headlamp or what... I also was not shocked to see it at all. Even as an adult, I sometimes wake up from a night terror screaming because a large gray face leaned over me and all I could see was dark eyes. The terror I feel is the most primitive fear imagineable as if it surpasses any mortal fears and goes into a higher realm of horror. My logical mind says greys don't exist and yet our minds seem to harbor them... why? Were they implanted into our minds to remember our origins??? I love this discussion. Jeez, BG, you always make me think and puzzle. I'm getting ready for a road trip this week into the desert to some remote places and I wanted to get in the mood so I watched..."Tremors" Wahoo! Couldn't help thinking of you, my friend. You have a fine attitude for the end-of-times. Would want you covering my back.