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14 May 2010

Boobies and...rice?

Sometimes I run across something that reassures me that the Great Cosmic Joker is still alive and well.
Like this story from Japan. Some twisted, demented muse planted (oooh!) the idea in some inventor's mind that the world really needs a bra that you can grow rice in. (and y'all thought I had a fixation!)
Forget mankind's achievements in electronics, computers, and medicine. To heck with all the great art, literature, and culture we've developed over the eons as a species.
Screw fire, electricity, and the wheel.
NOW you can grow rice in a bra! Pass the soy sauce! (but I don't think I wanna know where you keep the chopsticks!)


Autumnforest said...

I'm laughing so hard--it's hard to type! I saw that headline today and I thought of you immediately. Why is that??? Hmm... I was thinking how the women in Japan are getting so independent they don't even need to cook at home, they can cook while on the train or in the office, come home and feed the family--already in handy cups! Yeah, I think the chopsticks would be holding their bun up on their head--not what you're thinking naughty boy! Now, if they can teach men how to grow seaweed in their briefs, they might have a dream match!

Above the Norm said...

Now I know what I can do with my old bras...thanks Gummer!

Gummerfan said...

I HAVE grown a few things in my briefs.
(just not on purpose!)

But now the big question: Can you rotate your own crops?