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08 May 2010

Former Area 51 Employees Speak Out

In this L.A Times article some former Area 51 employees finally spill some of the beans regarding the "officially non-existant" top secret US military operation at Groom Lake, NV.
Their stories, while fascinting in their own right, full of Cold War intrique, former classified ops, and other interesting tales, alas, make no mention of extraterrestrial bodies or alien spacecraft.
I've probably quoted some of this before, but I'm reminded of a passage from Patrick Harpur's "Daimonic Reality":

"No amount of reason, persuasion, and sensory evidence can convince paranoiacs that they are deluded. On the contrary, everything that happens seems to support the delusion."
So, now that some former employees of Area 51 are telling what they know, will the conspiracy theories die? I think not. After all, the former employees could well be part of a disinformation campaign, right? Or maybe the ones who are finally talking weren't privy to higher-level information regarding space aliens or back-engineered flying saucers.Like most good conspiracy theories, the "Truth" about Area 51 may never be truly known. And even if all is really revealed, there's always that nagging possibility that there's something else "out there".

As an aside, I've noticed that my two posts entitled "Boobies!" and "Boobies!(part 2)" seem to have a higher hit count than my other posts. Just so you know, while I'm grateful that my coworker exhibits a healthy sense of humor regarding the matter, and takes everything in stride, (IOW, she hasn't gone upside my or anyone else's head!), I DO hope none of you out there are expecting any "before" & "after" pics, because I can assure you, that AIN'T gonna happen!


Autumnforest said...

My husband was offered a job with EG&G in 1984. They drove him out to Groom Lake where he would be working (an hour and a half drive every day done by employees on a bus back then, nowadays done by plane). We decided he wouldn't take that job--living in Las Vegas and driving 1 1/2 hours to work and 1 1/2 hours from work every day was just too much! He did get to be in the facility. Of course, they obviously didn't show him anything he shouldn't see, but back then no one had ever heard of Area 51. There was no secret society--secret UFO stuff being hidden--it was just a testing site. And, although it is in ridiculous secrecy for obvious reasons of gov't concerns, I seriously doubt an alien's been there, unless they don't check people's papers when they hire them. p.s. Of course boobies get you big hits--you need to start naming your posts things like "topless woman" and "jiggling bits"

Jeff said...

Here is another article about former Area 51 vets breaking their silence from the Seattle Times:

Above the Norm said...

Interesting post...