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11 May 2010

The Jersey Devil, a Mutant?

Below is an excerpt from this article about the famous Jersey Devil.

Archaeologist Paula Perrault has seen alleged Jersey Devil skulls with both straight and curved horns, and says the Pinelands has a history of "genetic malformations, even in mammals, serpents and humans. A lot of the portrayals in any culture seem to define evil as a serpent crossed with something else -- it's never just a serpent." Some animals of this Garden State location have been found with abnormalities, including odd colorations, extra appendages (emphasis mine) and even lizards with extra heads. From an archaeological perspective, Perrault speculates that there is "some kind of mineral deposit in the area, made up of heavy metal that could be one thing that might cause genetic differences."

One of my big problems with the JD as a cryptid (unknoown animal) rather than something paranormal has always been the matter of the appendages. It reportedly has feet (hooves), arms (or claws) and wings. That just doesn't happen with either birds or mammals. But, if as a result of a mutation, it somehow manages to sport a couple of extra appendages, well, that may be another matter altogether. We've all seen pics of various animals with extra legs, or even two heads. So, some kind of mutated deer, goat or maybe a bird such as a crane, may very well be behind this legendary creature.


Autumnforest said...

That's along the lines of what I was thinking if such a thing does exist. Locals in that area aren't stupid about wildlife, so if they're seeing something really strange, it's strange.

Gummerfan said...

Yeah, the JD's "limb count" has always bugged me, but this could very well explain things.