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12 May 2010

Raising Nessie (pt. 2)

NOTE: if you haven't read pt. 1 of this series, skip down and do so now!

The article quoted in pt. 1 reminded me of a section in Janet & Colin Bord's wonderful work "Alien Animals". You see, this isn't the first time a group of witches has gathered to attempt to raise a lake monster. The Bords detail a reportedly successful attempt in 1976 by a coven of witches to raise the Cornish lake monster known as "Morgawr". I'll quote a few passages from the book:

During the time when frequent sightings of Morgawr, the Cornish sea monster were made, 'monster-raising' experiments were carried out with some degree of success...
Witches in Cornwall swam sky-clad (that's nekkid, folks! G )on several occasions in 1976 and 1977.

The Bords go on to quote Doc Shiels:

It is also a fact that they were pretty succussful in raising the monster. I happen to know some of the ladies involved, and, on several occasions, I was present when one or more of the witches were out monster-baiting. (I'm not kidding, it actually says that! G)
It should also be remembered that the Owlman (another famous British cryptid G
) showed up for the first time during the Easter weekend of 1976, around Mawman Church, when, in that part of the river below the church..., Vivienne and Pshyche swam naked and called up the monsters.(Maybe Owlman just wanted to get a bird's eye view? G )

So, there we have it, monster hunters! Maybe if the upcoming witches gathering at Loch Ness involves a lotta nudity, skinny-dipping, and enough nekkid ladies monster-baiting around the loch, we just might get a rise out of Nessie after all!

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Autumnforest said...

Only if the serpent's name is "Neddie."