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23 May 2010

A Sunday Drive, Gummerfan-style

Since today is the first Sunday in over a month when it hasn't been raining (or I haven't been too tired!), I thought I'd jump in the Big Weird Jeep and take a little drive around my area and share a few pics with y'all.
See this little cemetery? Nothing remarkable about it, except it's now on property owned by aerospace company Boeing. That's the big white complex in the background. Technically, I may have been trespassing (just a little!) to get this shot. Since trespassing on property owned by a major aerospace defense contractor, not to mention snapping pics of same, could result in an afternoon filled with waterboards, rubber hoses, and tasers to the genitals, I decided to move on down the road.
Here's another cemetery in an unexpected place.

It's hard to see from the pic, but this particular cemetery is smack dab in the middle of somebody's cornfield!

Since trampling through a farmer's crop is not a good idea, I couldn't get much closer to this one, either.

Does the town of Leighton, AL mean anything to you? Probably not. BUT, if you've ever heard a little song called "When A Man Loves A Woman", you might be interested in knowing that somewhere down that road is the home of the great Percy Sledge. I used to work in a truckstop near here, and every now and then Percy would come in for fried chicken. One night he was there and Michael Bolton's cover of the song was playing on the radio. A customer came up to the counter chuckling and said, "That guy back there says he's Percy Sledge!" I looked back at the deli counter and said, "Yep. That's Percy."

This is an actual roadsign. Gotta love it!
I stopped on the way back and snapped these last few shots...

Nothing unusual here, I just love me a good swamp!!


Autumnforest said...

Ya'all don't respect the dead much, huh? I think that land should be haunted with cemeteries on Boeing property and planting fields... Yeah, don't get yourself caught there, BG, we wouldn't want them going at your genitals. I love the swamp pic's. That is just gorgeous. We had a summer home near the Dismal Swamp when I was a kid. The house was on short stilts and I loved to go wading into the marshes. I was a lucky gal too cause I grew up in the South and not one single mosquito ever bit me. I wonder if I ward off vampires too?

Gummerfan said...

I guess it just depends on how you look at it. Like the Boeing cemetery. I think it's neat that they left it like it is instead of moving them somewhere else and bulldozing over the ground.
The one in the field is probably an old family graveyard. My neighbor across the road where I grew up had an old graveyard literally right in his backyard, complete with a big aboveground crypt. You"ll notice the iron fence around the Boeing graveyard? Not only does it keep trespassers out, but the iron may well keep the ghosts IN! :)
When I was younger, mosquitos never bothered me, but now they do. I guess my flavor improved with age?

Autumnforest said...

So, you're now a skeeter magnet, huh? I go back to the mountains to visit family and I still don't get bit. I'm ool with that. I'd rather donate my blood than have it taken involuntarily. I'm glad they at least protected the cemeteries. We have one here locally that was an old Mexican graveyard for workers on the farms. Someone built the land to build homes and they were told they had to preserve the cemetery, so they put fencing around it and homes on all sides. It's the craziest thing. They had trouble selling the houses around it. No duh! I've wanted to hear from the neighbors if they have issues. The same neighborhood is riddled with Indian Pottery. It's all over the ground here and, in fact, I was emailing back and forth with one woman there who finally moved out after a year in her new home. There was pottery poking out of the ground every time it rained (we're talking HoHoKam--ancient stuff) and the houses were atop of the old HoHoKam canals (the most haunted land here). She moved about 10 miles away and all her issues stopped. The land doesn't seem to forget.

Heather said...

Swamps get me everytime too - although in SW Ontario there are very few cool swamps :)

Above the Norm said...

Thanks for that little trip around your neck of the woods. I love the pictures especially the ones of the swamp. You don't see many of those in the desert.