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07 May 2010

"Vampires" In New Zealand

A trio of utes have been charged in a "Vampire"-style attack in New Zealand.
I'm sure most members of the Vampire-wannabe community will attempt to distance themselves from these three examples of robust mental health. My unabashed hatred for the "Vampire", "Vampyre", "Sanguinarian" community notwithstanding, I won't be painting this incident as some kind of warning, or a sign that the VWs pose a threat to those of us of a different delusional persuasion.
As a gun owner, I hate to see reports of firearm violence (or carelessness, or stupidity), since it casts a poor reflection on gun owners in general. As a sword enthusiast, it ticks me off no end when some loony-toon decides he's Blade, or Duncan (or Connor) McLeod from "Highlander" and attacks someone with a "sam-oo-rye" sword.
I'm mature and wise (read: old!) enough to understand that one cannot pass judgement on a community, or race, nationality, whatever, based on the actions of a few members.
Of course, I still can't stand the so-called, self-proclaimed "Real" Vampires of the world for the simple fact that they ARE NOT VAMPIRES!

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Autumnforest said...

Dude, your reality is biting (pun intended). Yeah, I'm all worried about people portraying Klingons poorly and speaking the language incorrectly. It casts a bad light on the Klingons from the planet in fictional television, that is.