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20 June 2010

Are The Djinni Made Of Plasma?

I've finally got a whole weekend off for a change and I've been trying to make the most of it. In my case, this involves a lot of mango-ritas, a few hours of semi-consciousness, the expenditure of a considerable quantity of ammunition, and (since mangoes are like Viagra to me) some other semi-religious activities.
But, since I feel I owe something to my few loyal readers, I suppose I should take the opportunity to catch up on the ol' neglected blog.
Now that I've discussed the properties and characteristics of plasma and some of the lore regarding the entities known as the Djinni, next thing on my agenda is to look at Imbrogno's theory that the Djinni are beings created from plasma, and just what that could mean to the world of monsters, the paranormal, cryptozoology, ufology, and general high strangeness. While researching this subject I read "Secrets of Angels, Demons, Satan and Jinns, Decoding their Nature through Quaran and Science" by Mahmood Jawaid. Jawaid is a research chemical engineer and a follower of Islam. As a Muslim, Jawald is limited to a literal interpretation of the Quaran and Islamic writings. Since I'm a certified infidel, I labor under no such restrictions, so, while I agree he makes some great points given the framework he must work in, I have a different opinion. He theorizes that while man was created from "clay", (solid matter, cells) and the angels were created from pure light (energy, photons), the Djinn were created from carbon dioxide (gas, molecules). He argues some good points regarding how their nature can be explained by this theory. However, I still think Imbrogno's "plasma argument" is more persuasive.
First, the Djinn occupy a place between man and the angels. Angels are beings of pure light and energy. Makes sense to me. Man, being created from solid matter, is stuck in the material world. A world of three dimensions, with physical limitatiions. If the Djinn were created from CO2, I feel their power would be too limited, and some of the traits attributed to them would require quite a stretch. However, since the Djinn occupy a "middle ground" between pure matter and pure energy, plasma would fit the order nicely, since it is a state of "charged matter", somewhere in between pure matter (man) and pure energy (angels). Such a being would possess abilities beyond the boundaries of the purely physical, yet still face certain limitations compared to a being of pure energy. IMO, this fits in nicely with the given cosmology.
A plasmic being would be able to pass through solid matter, traverse great distances in the blink of an eye, and (in accordance with Islamic, folkloric, and magical traditions) be vulnerable to iron (due to its magnetic properties) or copper, or silver (due to their high conductivity). An intelligent plasmic being could hypothetically manipulate its structure and appearance, and due to its electromagnetic properties, could even influence our limited senses, contolling what we see, hear, feel, or otherwise sense.
Paranormal researchers often toss about ideas of other dimensions, parallel universes, the spirit world, etc. Magical traditions differentiate between the physical, etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual levels of existence.
The Djinn as beings of plasma fit nicely into these various models. They occupy a different dimension in a sense. Their plasmic nature dovetails perfectly with the concept of the "ether" or etheric level.
And, as I will later discuss, they could well be to blame for a vast variety of paranormal phenomena and experiences.

Now, a personal note to "June" (whoever you are!):
I strongly urge you to reconsider your recent decision. The course of action you have chosen will cause you to lose two of your friends, and will cause innocent people to suffer. You do not fully comprehend the consequences of your actions, you are operating under a gross deception. It's not too late to stop. If you continue, you will most assuredly regret it.


Autumnforest said...

Well, coming from someone who is very wise, "June" should seriously listen to you.

I like your concept--you have a very good theory going here. I have pondered, as a psychic, how it is we manage to get information from others and from objects. There has to be a something that transfers between people and the spirit world, between people's minds, between objects and people. I once thought perhaps it was neutrinos because they can pass through everything, but they also have a neutral charge so don't seem like they'd be able to carry or transfer information. The plasma theory is a solid one. I'm hoping you do more on this, my wise friend.

And, on a side note, you look like a very young Kirk Douglas!

Gummerfan said...

Kirk Douglas, huh? Guess you noticed the chin? If you could see my thick, almost spiky hair, you might say somewhere between Charlie & Martin Sheen. (I get that a lot)