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19 June 2010

The Djinn: Pesky Plasmic Paranormal Pranksters?

Because I believe that what we call the "paranormal" or "supernatural" is simply the "normal" and "natural" that we haven't figured out yet, and since I also believe that religion, superstitions, and folklore are attempts to explain these same phenomena, I've developed my own personal "smell test" whenever I encounter a theory or idea regarding heavy weirdness.
Does it make sense? How well does it jibe with the recorded accounts and folklore? Is there a possibility that it could someday be proven by science? Does it provide an explanation for one or more unexplained phenomena?
So, basically I run the idea through multiple filters of comparative religions, scientific theory, folkloric tales, even systems of magic. Philip Imbrogno's theory that paranormal activity may be the work of the entities known as the Djinn, and that the Djinn are intelligent entities composed of plasma, holds up incredibly well to my criteria.
Like most Westerners (particularly non-Muslims) I didn't know a whole heckuva lot about the Djinn. I've heard of 'em, I've run across a few references in some of the books I've read, but they were always just dismissed as a form of demon. Actually, the truth is far more fscinating than that. So, I've been reading up on these guys.
Most of what I've found comes from the Quaran, from Muslim websites, or from fatwas or opinions issued by Islamic scholars.
So, since I posted about "Plasma 101" in my previous post, here's a quick intro to "Djinn 101".

According to the Quran, the Djinn were created before man. They were created from "smokeless fire". Unlike the demons or angels of Judeo-Christian religion, the Djinn have free will. They marry, procreate, and die. Some are good, some are evil. Some seek to destroy humankind, some help humankind, some are jealous of humankind, and some just don't really give a rip.
The Djinn were commanded by Allah to bow down before man. They all complied except for Shaytan (= Satan) who considered himself superior to man, since man was formed from clay. Shaytan and his followers have since worked toward man's downfall.
While the Djinn can be found anywhere, they are particularly fond of desolate areas. (put on you Ghost Hunter hat and think about abandoned hospitals, closed prisons, cemeteries...).
The Djinn are normally invisible and imperceptible. The Quran staes that they can see us, but we can't see them. However, the Djinn can make themselves visible to us when they so desire. They don't like to fully manifest in physical form, since doing so makes them vulnerable, so they choose to appear in a more "subtle" form. Djinn are vulnerable to metals, particularly iron and copper. (like many supernatural beings from ghosts to vampires and werewolves). An attack by an evil Djinn can be stopped if the victim prays or quotes from the Quaran. How many times have we run across similar accounts from victims of night terrors, ghosts/poltergeists, shadow people, even "alien grays"? I know of quite a few reports of such victims warding off their supernatural predator by praying or quoting the Lord's Prayer or a Psalm.
There are plenty more parallels between the Djinn and some of our better-known Western entities.
In my next post I'll be tying more of this together as I explain the similarites between Djinn and other supernatural phenomena, as well as making the case that they may well be beings composed of plasma.

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