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05 June 2010

The Gulf Coast Oil Spill and the Ecosystem

Okay, I'm not what you'd call an enviro-wacko tree hugger, but I do love my great outdoors. I don't think the solution is more laws and regulations, I believe in letting Capitalism work.
Examples: the the timber/lumber/paper industries know that without trees, they"d be out of business, so it doth behoove them to do what? Leave some trees and plant more!
The "metals" industries know that it's cheaper to recycle than to explore, mine, and refine the same materials. I believe in recycling, not out of some sense of "duty to my planet" or in the name of "saving the environment", but simply because it makes good economic sense.
Now, about that Gulf Coast oil spill:
I LOVE my beaches. I hate the thought of seeing the beautiful sugar white sands of the Alabama Gulf Coast covered with black gloppy goo. And, I have a simple idea that would greatly help the whole Gulf problem. I don't know why nobody is doing this, maybe it's just too simple? My solution?


There's a gajillion gallons of FREE oil just floating out there in the Gulf, send out the cry that it's there for the taking. If I were a high-ranking official of a Big Oil company, I'd have all my supertankers fitted with the Jolly Roger and headed to the Gulf with all deliberate speed. Just suck up a boatload of oil, take it to the nearest refinery, repeat as often as possible.
Not only would this help greatly with the cleanup, all that free crude (requiring very little in the way of refining) would also result in lower gas prices. Hey, it's FREE! It's not like they have to explore and drill for it, right? They can just scoop it up and take it to the refinery!
The matter of the oil that's already made its way to cosatal marshlands is a bit trickier. We'll have to get our hair mussed a little on this one. I say go ahead and burn it off now. Yeah, there's gonna be some collateral damage to the environment, but if we burn it off ASAP, while it's still on the surface and in a pretty restricted area, the damage and cost would be much less than if we allow it to just slowly spread throughout the entire coastal ecosystem. Once something is allowed to worm its insidious way into every nook and cranny of an area, it's well nigh impossible to get rid of it. Yeah, a lot of wildlife and vegetation are gonna have to "take one for the team", but I still believe that dealing with it now would be overall safer for the environment than letting it stick around while humanity just scratches its collective head. (hmmm, "Collective Head", that sounds like a good name for a band, or maybe a porn flick?)


I saw a program a couple of weeks ago about invasive species in Florida (mostly the Keys and Everglades). Giant pouched rats, anacondas,boas, and some big-assed monitor lizards. There was a lot of dire predictions about how these species will destroy the "ecosystem" if they aren't eradicated. I just shook my head at man's arrogance.
To paraphrase the late, great George Carlin, "The ecosystem is fine, the PEOPLE are screwed!".
The entire globe is rife with examples of transplanted species, wherever you go, you'll find a creature or plant that, if it didn't come from somewhere else, it has relatives there. Ecosystems evolve, they change, they adapt. And while there are plenty of examples of damage inflicted by introduced species (like the rabbits in Australia), by and large, the "system" and the people therein, learn to adjust.
While I wouldn't like the thought of piranhas in the Tennessee River (since my soft and sensitive parts are occassionally in there), we here in The South learned to adapt to fire ants, feral hogs, and the creeping, crawling chaos known as kudzu (which I must admit, DID seem like a good idea at the time!).
The ecosystem won't be destroyed, it'll just change, like everything else in the universe. The monitors will eat the rats, the boas & anacondas will eat the monitor lizards, the skunk apes will learn to make belts and boots from anaconda skin, life on the planet will go on.

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Autumnforest said...

Arizona is almost all borrowed from other ecosystems like citrus and palm trees--all water suckers! Look at Kudzu in the South, great idea, that? I like your oil solution--kind of like those folks that collect pop bottles to recycle for 5 cents a pop, just on a bigger scale, huh? Oh, and my vote is for a porno movie not a band name for that--I would like to see what they come up with having that kind of title... (I could always write the script--oh wait, do porn movies really use scripts??)