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23 June 2010

What Could We Pin on the Djinn?

This is the last of my series of boring posts on the theory that the Djinn of Islamic tradition my exist, may be composed of plasma, and my be responsible for a great deal of paranormal phenomena. For more background on this line of thought, read my two previous posts for an introduction.
So, if the Djinn are in fact an intelligent lifeform, composed of the electrically charged state of matter known as plasma, and if they possess intelligence and free will, have their own varying agendas, just what can men pin on the Djinn? Let's begin:

UFOs: if the Djinn are living plasmic entities, they could obviously appear as lights in the sky, and being essentially gaseous, they could easily perform those impossible maneuvers. They could manifest in a limitless variety of shapes and sizes. The Quran states that the evil Djinn's goal is to persuade man to believe something, anything, other than the Quaran. So, if a ufo witness starts believing in little green men, the Djinn have done their job.

Aliens: there are stories of Djinn having sexual relations with humans (like the incubi and succubi). The prevailing belief is that such unions cannot produce offspring, but another opinion is that the offspring produced (male or female) will always be sterile. If the Djinn are trying to interbreed with humans, this would fit in nicely with the accounts of alien abductees being used to gather genetic material in an attempt to produce the famous "alien hybrid".

Ghosts/hauntings/poltergeists: as I related before, some Djinn prefer to reside in desolate, isolated locations. Think of some of the most famous haunted locations: abandoned hospitals and prisons, ancient ruins, ghost towns, abandoned mines, and of course, cemeteries. There is even a "tribe" of Djinn known as ghuls (ghouls?) who are particularly fond of cemeteries. It's often been commented on by the ghost hunting community that cemeteries would seem to be the last place one would find a restless spirit, but it's a great place to find a Djinn!
As intelligent plasmic beings, the Djinn would have no trouble producing EVPs, anomalous photographic or video images, even piloerections or audible voices. It goes without saying that a plasmic entity could certainly produce the results TAPS fans are so fond of duplicating. (battery drain, EMF and KII readings, temperature variations...)

Psychic phenomena: the literature suggests that Djinn can possess people or objects. This poses some interesting questions. Are mediums contacting the spirits of the departed, or do they have a tricky Djinn whispering in their ear? Is a psychometrist really picking up images from an object, or is a Djinn possessing the object and feeding the psychic information? Is a Djinn travelling to a target area and back in the blink of an eye and relaying information to a remote viewer via electromagnetic transmission to the brain? Is what we label psychokinesis merely the antics of a Djinn attempting to disrupt our whole belief system?

And what about monsters?

The majority of BF and other sightings of hairy hominids take place in the same remote areas that the Djinn prefer to call home. Are they materializing in an attempt to keep people away? To cause us to question what we believe to be true? This could well explain those mysterious appearnces and disappearances BF is famous for, even tracks leading for miles only to suddenly end.
Europe, especially the UK, and to a lesser extent the US have a tradition of mysterious phantom black dogs. I raised an eyebrow when I read that one of the favorite forms assumed by the Djinn is that of... a large black dog.
The ability of the Djinn to assume any form they desire, from humanoid to a big lake monster would is probably limitless. From werewolves to lake monsters, to Bigfoot & kin, to the vaiety of other monstrous beings encountered by humans throughout history.

Vampires: Surprisingly, I wasn't able to find any evidence that the Djinn could be responsible for the volumes of vampire lore. I haven't read anything that would lead me to believe that they drain either blood or energy from humans.
However, there are a few parallels with vampire lore. In the early vampire folklore, vamire attacks were often associated with what we today would label poltergeist phenomena. Bumps in the night, thrown objects, moving furniture, stuff like that. No problem for the Djinn. Also, in the Egyptian Books Of The Dead, the vampiric beings known as the "khu" were fond of hanging around dung heaps and outhouses. There are similar accounts of vampires or demons hanging around toilets in Greek and Roman folklore. Toilets are another favorite haunt of the Djinn. (it's written in the Quaran that the dung of humans and their cattle is the food of Djinn animals).
(try pointing out to some Twilight fan that a vampire is more likely to be found in a shitpile or slaughterhouse than a bedroom or Goth club and prepare to be disbelieved!)

Perhaps, with more advances in science and a better understanding of plasma, we may someday be able to literally put athe Djinni in a bottle!

NOTE: Due to the fact that I've immeresed myself in Islamic literature for the past few weeks, my co-workers have actually expressed concern that I'm gonna turn into "some kind of Muslim". First off, I have no problem with the Muslim religion. "Muslim" does NOT equal "terrorist" or "extremist". But, I have no plans to convert. I love my bacon and sausage too much, plus there's my weakness for a hot female bod that I could never, EVER, overcome!


Autumnforest said...

Glad to year you're not giving up the important stuff like bacon and women. I like where you're going with this piece and I think you're onto something really interesting. Damn, boy, just write the book finally! I wondered about that with psychometry. People ask all the time, what is it that happens when you touch an object or a person? First, there's intent. I touch something and my mind does a primary assumption good/bad. Then, it goes a bit deeper, I feel emotion. It makes me smile, makes me want to put it back down, or it makes me amused. Once I get past the emotion of the object, I go further and I get what I call memories. It's exactly like when you try to recall the summer as a teen hanging out at the pool. You remember some of the songs that were on the radio, the smell of chlorine, a feeling of insecurity in your swimsuit, perhaps some of the friends you were with. You see the tall trees around the pool. You remembe the whistle of the lifeguard on his post... I gather memories and then from these bits, I can say "ah, you enjoyed being at the pool. It was surrounded by trees. There was a bit of insecurity and a feeling of being in the middle of the action where music was playing and cute boys were hanging out..." So, not sure if that's fed to me, but those memories now become my memories. I can go back at any time and pull up the images I gathered doing that reading which is probably why I gave up reading for many years. I was tired of stuffing other's memories in my head.

Above the Norm said...

I just have to say, I love the pictures. This is how I pictured you! Great post, especially the last line.