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01 July 2010

Earth Vs the Aliens

I posted a while back about the Kelly-Hopkinsville Incident, in which a stalwart band of humans apparently staved off an alien attack on a rural Kentucky farm in 1955.
But (according to UFO and internet lore, anyway), this was neither the first nor the last time the human race has gone toe-to-toe with advanced beings from another planet, or other dimension, or other plane, or wherever these things come from.
Prior to Kelly, there was the famous "Battle of Los Angeles" in 1942. While dismissed by some as a combination of wartime jitters, trigger-happy antiaircraft gunners, and a possible errant balloon, others who were there adamantly insist that the US military attacked and even shot down a large, saucer-shaped craft. A big flying disc that performed impossible maneuvers and soaked up a helluva lotta flack before finally going down or flying away. (depending on the report)
While less famous than the Battle of LA, the internet (especially the conspiracy sites) are chock full-o-info on the so-called Dulce (NM) Battle or Dulce Wars. In 1975 there was a battle between a US military security force and the alien residents of the secret underground base near Dulce NM. In the first battle (circa 1975, details are sketchy) several dozen security personnel and top scientists were killed. I also found a (rather humorous) account of a second battle that occurred in 1979. This particular battle involved elite members of the US Delta Force, CIA agents, former astronauts, and was partially funded by none other than H. Ross Perot. (I KNEW there was a good reason I wanted to vote for that guy!). In this spectacular mission, not only did our heroes manage to gain entrance to multiple levels of the underground base, they also rescued "thousands" of human females who were being held captive and used for unauthorized alien genetic experiments. (not to mention the occassional alien orgy, mustn't forget the orgies!), they also liberated one of the alien saucers as a getaway/rescue vehicle. AND, they accomplished this mission in approximately one hour! (GO JOE!) I read a detailed account of this second battle on the Rumor Mill News site. But, the author of this report must've been fed a great deal of disinformation, given the number of errors and a demonstrable lack of understanding of weapons and tactics. (I'm still giggling about the "M203 standalone 40mm grenade launcher", some of you will understand why...)
And, I've also seen a report about yet another alien firefight at none other than the famous "Skinwalker Ranch". It seems that some of Mr. Bigelow's security forces got into a skirmish with some alien entities who were emerging from one of those damned portals. It's reported that their were some human casualties, but no word on whether or not they successfully ventilated any of the aliens. (guys were probably using those pipsqueek 5.56 calibers, when will people learn to USE ENOUGH GUN?!)

Since we haven't had a fullscale global takeover, it would appear that we're holding our own so far. Looks like the score is holding at 5-0. Or, is that just what those sneaky little bastards want us to think?


Autumnforest said...

I voted for Perot. I had a strange feeling Clinton would have some sex issues in office... I am psychic, you know... So far as the scuffles, they're intriguing. Seems a little hand to hand combat might test our skills without inciting our big bombs. They can find out how smart we are and what crude tools we use, sort of like picking a fight with an aborigine 100 years ago. But you know the old adage about home teams advantage... that might just be it. Our atmosphere, oxygen, Co2 and such--might just be off putting to them if the gravity doesn't get them.

Above the Norm said...

Great post...I voted for Perot too. I hated my other choices.