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27 August 2010

Midnight Ride and a Glow in the Cemetery

Last night I decided for no particular reason to take a late night ride through the forest. So, I grabbed my 3 million candlepower spotlight, my video camera, and of course my rattlesnake-handled Taurus 460 Rowland automatic and set out for the Bankhead National Forest in search of Heavy Weirdness.
The sunroof was open, the moon was big and bright, the temperature was comfy, the radio was blaring. The Big Weird Jeep travelled along the twisty mountain roads at speeds most would deem unsafe. In fact, I missed my planed turnoff and finally found a place to turn around, which required me to pull onto an unmarked gravel road which my nav system simply labelled "Restricted". Wonder what's down there that we're not supposed to see? :)
I was hoping to find a nice, desserted crossroads, so in the best Hoodoo tradition I could sit and wait for the Devil to come along seeking my soul. But, a true crossroads is hard to find around here. The best I could find was a three-way intersection. So, I sat there for a while, watching and waiting, but alas, no legendery figure happened by. Just as well, I guess. Afterall, in my haste to get on the road I had neglected to pack so much as a Mercury dime, let alone any foofer dust...
So, after watching the sky and woods for a while I began my return trip. The road passes by an old, one-room church and cemetery built in the 1840's, so I pulled in for a quick look-see. As I approached, I saw what appeared to be a faintly glowing bluish white light among the headstones. At first I thought it was just a reflection from the moon or my headlights on one of the highly polished markers. I pulled into the cemetery and killed my lights. Sure enough, the glow was stil there. I didn't bring any night vision gear, and the camera could barely pick up the light, and I didn't want to "spook" whatever it was by bathing the area in the high-intensity whiteout of the spotlight.
So, quicker than you can say "EVP", I was out of the Jeep, carefully and respectfully making my way among the markers to the source of the eerie lumeniscence. As I got closer, I could finally make out the source of the mysterious glow. Spook light? Orb? Free-floating apparition? Not quite. I identified the source of the glow as a solar powered LED landscape light! Why somebody stuck one of these on a grave I don't know. Maybe it was just a joke or hoax. Maybe the "deceased" had a fear of the dark. Maybe I had interrupted an amateur seance and there was a group of mischievious teens lurking in the woods waiting for me to leave.
Regardless of the motive, I had at least solved a mystery for the night, so my time wasn't completely wasted!


Heather said...

You're brave, I think I would have been a bit freaked out by my own imagination alone at night in the graveyard with a glowing tomb!

Autumnforest said...

Way cool, BG! You're awesome! Jeez, I wish you were here. A lot of folks simply won't go on fun trips like that and be spontaneous at nighttime in a graveyard. There's a cemetery here that is very weird. It has a pond and willow trees (something you don't see the desert often) and ducks. But, a lot of the graves have solar lights and windchimes around them. It does make the freakiest glow at nighttime. Truly adds to the mood. Damn! I was hoping it was a real spook light. Next time, buddy!