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04 September 2010

Ghost Walk Pic

Earlier tonight I went on a ghost walk tour in a nearby city. We walked through some old areas and listened as the guide told us of the haunted histories of some of the houses, as well as experiences from mediums and researched historical records. It was great fun and I plan on taking some more.
We were standing in fron of one particular house that was referred to as the "Frat House". It was used to house soldies during the Civil War. The guide said that a lot of folks on the tours managed to capture some orb activity, and someone occasinally caught a glimpse of someone peering out of one the upstairs windows. So, on a lark< idecided to take a few pics. Some of the other members of the tour were getting all excited over catching a few orbs, but face it, we all know that orbs aren't really much to get excited about, right? I was reviewing the pics I had taken when I caught this:

Look at the second window from the right on the second floor. It appears someone was looking back at us. There was nothing visible at the time, the image was only visible in the photo.Pretty creepy, huh?
Here's a close up of the window & the image:


Autumnforest said...

Go-Gummer! Get your freak on! I love that you're doing this. You are a curious creature and I'm sure this exploring will lead you on interesting treks. That picture was wicked cool!

Above the Norm said...

Very cool. It does resemble a person looking out at you.

DaleTheDoll said...

Face looks like my Uncle Henry. Kinda looks like his house too.

Jessica Penot said...

Oh my gosh! That is reallly creepy. Wonderful.