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07 October 2010

Mr. Bigelow Comes To Town

If you're a long-time reader of this blog, you may recall my Open Letter To Robert Bigwlow in which I basically begged the billionaire real estate tycoon/aerospace pioneer, NIDS & MUFON SIP founder,Skinwalker Ranch owner and part-time patron of paranormal pet projects for money. Just a simple contract deal offering my services as a Monster Hunter/researcher of Heavy Weirdness in exchange for a modestly exhorbitant fee. Sadlyto say, much to the detriment of the advancement of the field, no reply or response issued forth.
What's funny is that, according to this article, Mr. Bigelow was in my town yesterday. It seems he was workingon a deal with ULA (Boeing) to supply rockets for his proposed space staion project. He was literally right down the road from me. Too bad I didn't know in advance, maybe I could have at least slipped him a business card! The ULA plant is the site of one of my graveyard pics in the "Sunday Drive" post. There was another picture in the paper of Mister B with the mayor of a nearby city, said Mayor happens to be my little town's former Postmaster.
Oh well, maybe if Mister Bigelow strikes the deal, there's a chance we may eventually cross paths. Til then, well, I've grown quite accustomed to poverty anyway. :)


Autumnforest said...

Oh, his business will go nose first for not hiring you. He could kick back and let you do the dirty work. The man's an idiot.

DaleTheDoll said...

It seems to me this Mr. Bigelow is a real loser. He could have had real monster hunter working for him. I'll never understand humans.

Gummerfan said...

Well, as far as the real estate game, hotel business, and aerospace engineering things go, nah, he don't need me. But, given the buttload of he's poured into UFO, crop circle, and general anomaly research, I feel he'd get more results budgeting Yours Truly and my hand-picked team of quality personnel.