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10 October 2010

Phantom Cougher???

You've heard of "the Mad Gasser of Matoon", maybe the "Phantom Clowns", well, how about a "Phantom Cougher"?
I've talked about doppelgangers before, but something happened this week that got 'em on my mind again. Turns out, this particular phenomenon is more accurately classified as a vardoger.
A spirit or manifestation of a person that "goes before".
Earlier this week, my wife approached me and informed me that there have been numerous occassions when I've been away at work, and nobody but my wife and our five-yr-old daughter have been at home, and they both have heard me cough. Since I smoke, I must confess that I DO indeed cough a few times a day. Mostly in the morning. One of the strongest motivations to quit is my morning habit of coughing up a golfball-sized loogie. (yeah, yuck with a capital "Y", I know, I know...)
My wife said that at first she thought it was just her imagination, but one day our daughter jumped up to run into the living saying "Daddy's home! I heard him cough!"
My wife, whose capacity for paranoia rivals my own, went so far as to inform me that she's convinced I've got "something" planted in our home in some kind of attempt to "drive her crazy". I assured her that this isn't the case, and I told her about the folklore regarding such events. I also shared with her that in the past, both my mother and my aunt with whom I lived for a while both had similar experiences. They both told me about times they've heard me come home, close the door, jingle my keys, go into the kitchen, and even respond to questions. All before I actually arrived.
I told my wife to make a note of the date and time of any future occurrances. Maybe it's while I'm at work and thinking about going home, or when I'm thinking about my family.
Maybe we'll be able to find some kind of pattern. If I'm doing it, it certainly isn't consciously. (and no, I haven't "planted" anything!)


Autumnforest said...

I'm relieved to hear someone else has experienced this. I've had it happen many times to thinking that someone has come home, with all the usual sounds of their arrival. When I was a kid, my sister used to smoke pot in the 60s and her and my mother would argue when she found her pot. My sister would scream and pound on the walls when mom took her pot away. Well, years later after she moved from the place, randomly the sounds would come again of pounding and screaming. As far as I can explain the environment imprints a memory for whatever reasons and it replays under the right conditions. So, you've created your own residual. Now, for your wife's advantage, try and make that residual take out the trash.

Jessica Penot said...

I've never heard of a vardoger before. I've definately learned something today.

Gummerfan said...

Yep, it's an interesting phenomenon alright. I've read stories of weary travelers checking into hotels late at night, yet when housekeeping shows up in the morning the occupant is nowhere to be found. The stories usually end with the discovery that the guest ran off the road the night before and was in fact dead hours before reaching their intended destination.

Adsila said...

Haven't heard a phantom cough around, but when I was little I would hear my Mom in the morning yelling for me to get out of bed and get ready for school. I would answer "ok" and get up. After checking the entire house, I realized she was never there. My mom's force was with me.