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No, there isn't. That's why I'm here...

08 November 2010

ZOZO, ZO What??

This is something I've recently run across. Apparently there's a demon, or malicious spirit, or djinn, or SOME kind of supernatural entity or phenomenon popping up on OUIJA boards. The best research I've found so far is on this blog. But a quick Google search on the name "ZOZO" or "ZOZO ouija" or "ZOZO demon" will yield quite a few results and stories.
The stories all share some commonalities. The ZOZO entity is always powerful, overpowering and taking control of the Ouija from the operators or whatever spirit they are communicating with. The ZOZO "experience" is without fail overwhelmingly negative. I've yet to read an account from any self-styled demonologist or wannabe "devil worshipper" oe what have you that describes the phenomenon as anything other than a negative experience. Cases of physical harm, sickness, and yes, near-death are associated with it.
Here's some links:

As an apocalypsocist (is that a word?) I'm always looking for signs of The End Of The World As We Know It. Can't help but wonder if this phenomenon is a sign of increasing demonic or supernatural activity. (y'know, kinda like Zuul in Ghostbusters, or the "big Twinkie" theory in GB2!). Is ZOZO one of the Old Ones? A minion of some Cthulu-like big horror waiting to reclaim the Earth? Is it waiting for 2012? Is it one entity with many names, or many entities using the same name? My mind (as usual!) reels.
Whatever you are, ZOZO, I'll be watching you.

01 November 2010

Chupababras & Mutilations

From Argentina comes this report involving a possible chupacabra attack and even evidence of typical cattle mutilation. I've often wondered if these phenomena could be related. They do share a lot of common signs. Exsanguination of the victim animals, scant physical evidence as to the perpetrators, they almost exclusively occur at night, the wounds and injuries are almost always inconsistent with a predator attack...
Here's a way-out thought: Suppose (just suppose!) that these attacks are being carried out by interdimensional beings. Non-corporeal entities feeding on the blood and certain body parts. In the early days of cattle mutilations, there was rarely any visual evidence left behind. No tracks or prints, no wtnesses or descriptions of whoever or whatever was was responsible. But, with the increasing chupacabra phenomenon, reports began to include descriptions of the bloodsucking creature, tracks have been found, yet the creatures themselves have still eluded us.
According to traditional vampire lore, the vampire's early post-mortem visitations were far more akin to that of a malevolent spirit or ghost. The vampire was immaterial, non=corporeal. As the vampire began feeding on the blood or (more commonly) "energy" or "life forece", it became more solid, more physical.
So, what IF some kind of interdimensional vampire like entities are responsible not only for the older cattle mutilation cases, but for the current spate of chupacabras attacks as well? It would follow that whatever it is is becoming more and more physical, more corporeal. Who knows,prehaps someday these mysterious mutilators/vampires will become sufficiently physical to allow capture, identification, and study.
On the other hand, if more and more of these beings slip through and feed, and if cattle and sheep are no longer sufficient for them, we may just have a fight on our hands if we are to remain at the top of the food chain.