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19 December 2010

Bigfoot: Coming To A Trailer Park Near You?

Do y'all really wanna know how I come up with some of my theories and ideas? My inspirations come from a variety of sources. For example, this weekiend I'm fighting off a nasty sinus/cold thing. My preferred method of treatment is to ingest dangerous quantities of NyQuil and frequent glasses of Mango-ritas. This may not cure me, but it makes the discomfort much more bearable, and the resultant unconsciousness allows me to get get the "rest my body needs".
Lately Ive been reading Stan Gordon's "Silent Invasion", which details a rash of UFO and Bigfoot sightings in Pennsylvania in the 1970's.

While reading the book I've noticed that a LOT of the BF sightings occurred near mobile home parks or near mobile homes. (it should also be noted that other Fortean researchers have commented on this as well). Maybe it's my stuffed-up head, maybe it's the "medication", but here's a little scenario I concocted.
Suppose the UFOs do in fact drop off the BFs (for some undetermined reason). The poor BFs are stranded, lost, and just trying to find their way home. So, they wander about, trying to catch a ride back to wherever/whenever they came from. And what to their red, glowing, wandering eyese should appear?

That's right, a big, metal box, with doors, windows, and lights, just like the mysterious craft that dropped them off in the first place. So, the BFs poke around, peek in the windows, frighten the occupants, and determine that they've come to the wrong place. The BFs keep on looking and eventually "THEY" come along and give the poor critters a return trip.
Unlikely? Yes.
Possible? Who knows?


Autumnforest said...

LMFAO! Brilliant! I actually like your scenario, if everyone is a classic trailer, but alas many are in terrible fiberglass monstrosities. I would probably be looking at where trailer places tend to be and they're normally in the countryside and park-like settings. An RV or a trailer is much more likely to be in a remote area. Hey, and next hit of NyQuil, raise the plastic lined cup to me and give a toast. I'm finally getting a much needed vacation.

Gummerfan said...

Actually, one researcher (Loren Coleman, I think) mentioned that since trailer parks are typically located on the outskirts of town, bettween the "urban" and "rural" areas, they may represent another variation of the traditional "crossroads", or may even be analagous to twilight or dawn, all of which represent change. Such times and places figure largely in folklore and magic tradition. I'm also reminded of the "flying Winnebego" UFO mentioned in Hunt For The Skinwalker".
(and CHEERS"!) :D

Autumnforest said...

I loved Hunt for the Skinwalker. I don't even have to believe what's in it was true. It was just such a chilling account that it smacked of possibilities. When I was driving through the desert to San Diego, I passed huge (enormous) RV lots. All of them were located on the edges of the towns, on the outskirts. You knew the town was coming when you went through the Yuma RV lots. Then, at the sand dunes, more of them, but all along the river in the trees. I think too that people that are living in mobile homes are more likely to hear things and be interactive with their environment than people in homes with fences and walls. Oh, and hope you're feeling better soon, sure you're at least buzzed.

Adsila said...

It is not the medication, your theory makes sense to me.