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08 December 2010


I must confess to being a gadget & gear freak. If only my budget would allow me to indulge in my addictions! Here's a neat little bit-o-kit that I ran across.
The Ozonics HR-200 scent eliminator. No, it doesn't have anything to do with personal hygeine, nor is it for those occasions when your deodorant just doesn't cut it or your best friend won't tell you.
The HR-200 is a device that generates ozone to eliminate human scent when hunting. It basically creates a "scent-free" zone. And while I'm not a game hunter, it certainly wouldn't hurt when seeking BF, big cats, or other cryptids. Anything to mask your presence can only be a plus.
Of course, the BIG question is: would it work on ZOMBIES??

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Autumnforest said...

You know, from a medical point of view, a zombie should actually depend on his scent more than other senses because the olfactory system actually goes straight to the brain without all the interpretations that hearing, touch and sight must do. If a zombie's brain isn't what it used to be, his sense of smell should be acute. That aside, an interesting concept, but also animals are sensitive to ozone, so it may not help all that much.