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09 December 2010

Panthers and "Vampires"...Whattup In Marshall County?

Hot on the heels of a reported black panther attack comes this news story about aVampire wannabe charged with assault after burning a "V" into the victim's forehead. Whether the "V" stood for "Vampire" or "Victim" is uncertain. Based on the story, the perp, if convicted, should recieve a fitting punishment. How about sending him to prison with an "L" branded on his forehead, signifying that he's a LOSER!
As an aside, Marshall County is part of Alabama'sSand Mountain region which I posted about in the past.
Told y'all the place was weird!

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Autumnforest said...

"L" definitely! Certainly no "Lost Boys." That's weird, so Sand Mountain is still having weird shit? I would have thought it would have played out by now. That's intriguing. I hope you rwite on it again some time. That is a fascinating weird-magnet.