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17 January 2011

How May I Serve You?

A guy can dream, right??

I was searching around Amazon when I happened upon a book called "Creating Magickal Entities: A Complete Guide to Entity Creation". I'm always on the lookout for anything relating to heavily-weird manifestations. "Monster" covers a broad area, from cryptids, to ghosts, spirits, demons, little grey aliens, fays and little people, vampires, werewolves and their "cousins" to... well a lot of other weiries.
I haven't read the book yet, but after reading the reviews I did some Googling.
My interest in magic (or magick, magyk, magyck, or whichever spelling is currently en vogue...) is pretty limited. Basically just some Natural Magick (such as what works for banes and wards) and a bit of Ceremonial Magic (spells for cleansing, banishing, and getting rid of stuff). But the thought of people creating their own Magickal Entities perked my interest. I came across references to the creation of "Servitors". A Servitor is an entity created through magickal means to assist the creator in a certain task or goal. The Servitor can serve as a positive entity, rendering aid and assistance to its creator. But, Servitors can also be sent on errands that may be , shall we say, less than positive. A magician may create a Servitor to drive away bothersome neighbors, or to seek revenge for a percieved wrong.
The Servitor may also be a PITA to its creator as well. It seems some Servitors may not exactly be serviant. A Servitor may seeks it own independence, its own identity as it were. I've read about Tulpas (thoughtforms brought into being) being difficult for even their creators to get rid of.
Now, I know there are certain gifted or naturally talented individuals who can naturally accomplish things that, for a non-gifted person, would require great effort and concentration. I can't help but wonder if there are individuals who have brought entities into existence by way of natural talent or a "special gift", possibly without their own knowledge.
Suppose a gifted child resents having to move from their home. Or someone holds a deep-seated attachment to a certain place and can't abide the thought of "strangers" living there. Their thought energy produces a Servitor whose goal is to drive the residents away, and guess what? You've got yourself a haunting. :D
Suppose someone can't let go of anger, hate, resentment, jealousy, or other strong negative emotion. What would their Servitor do? Negative entity time! Poltergeists, phantom attackers, spooky shadowy figures, even something that would be percieved as a demon.
On the flipside, I suppose it would be concievable that strong, positive emotion could also produce an unintended entity. Think aboutthe stories of Guardian Angels, apparitions of the Virgin Mary or other religious figures, the mysterious stranger who provides aid and then disappears.
If you can accept the above, what about our collective subconscious desires? All our "dirty little secrets", our repressed emotions, the chaos of the human psyche. Bigfoot (our wild side), advanced aliens piloting UFOs (our desire for progress and technological advancement) even our dark, animalistic side (chupacabras, vampires, incubi, succubi) the possibilities are quite literally endless.
I'm reminded of the SF classic, "The Forbidden Planet" and Walter Pidgeon's cry of "Monsters from the ID!!"


Jessica Penot said...

I read a book on the black arts once that had a recipe for making a hommunculus, a kind of servitor of sorts. He was made from cow dung, menstral blood and a "goodly quantity of human semen." I decided the black arts and creating servents was too gross for me after that.

Gummerfan said...

LOL! Yeah, I've seen that recipe before! Is that theone where you put the stuff in a jar and let it age? But I'm pretty sure the Servitor is more of spiritual/etheric/astral thing. There's another created entity called an Egrigore that is sort of like a "team spirit", literally. :D

Autumnforest said...

Jeez, this kind of reminds me of my tomorrow's Mind Fuck Tuesday subject about Intentions. As a psychic, I can tell you that people leave their emotions and mind states on objects. But, collectively as a mass, might part of the gang mentality be focused intention amongst them? If we created God and aliens in our own image with arms and legs, and consciousness and all, then might other things like BF be our projections? It's an intriguing thing. I would like to see you write more about this. I love the stuff you get into, BG. Your mind is a rare and precious inquisitive vessel.

Gummerfan said...

Yep, it's interesting. Practicioners of magick may have to perform strict rituals, practice intense concentration, or utilize various methods to say, get the same vision or reading or information that a natural psychic can get by simply touching an object. I'm wondering if there are individuals who possess the same ability when it comes to creating entities or projections. Maybe even unconsciously. And then there's the possibility that a group of individuals or even society as a whole (again even unconsciously) could be responsible for some of the physical phenomena. much has been written about mankind's need for the unexplainable, the function of monsters and myth in society, the desire to believe that something is "out there".