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06 February 2011

Less-Than-Famous Phenomena

If you read this blog, odds are you're familiar with the typical manifestations of Heavy Weirdness. Stuff like UFOs, Bigfoot and other monsters/cryptids, strange things falling out of the sky or turning up in archeaological digs. But, the more I read and study this stuff, the more I find other phenomena that are a bit different from the more well-known strange events. I thought I'd bring up a few I've run across. Some of these I thought were unique the first time I read about them, but then I found similar events recounted elsewhere.


I first read about these in "Hunt For The Skinwalker". There may be other accounts, but I'd never heard of any. If you read the book, you'll remember the account of the small, glowing red ball(s) that flew around the cattle herd causing a stampede, paniced one of the rancher's horses, and pursued the observers. I remembered this when I read in "Silent Invasion" about a plum-sized green ball that flew about a group of parked cars in Pennsylvania, even going inside the ones that had open windows. So where's a skeet shooter when you need one?

"Disappearing Bigfoot"

Okay, there are more than a few accounts of this, but they aren't usually mentioned by the flesh-n-blood cryptozoology community. There are cases of BF disappearing either before the eyes of the observer or eluding searchers when there was nowhere for it to go. In "Silent Invasion", some witnesses reported BF sightings in which the creature was only visible from the waist up, and I've read accounts in which only a pair of glowing eyes was visible. (even when observed through Gen3 Night Vision Devices). There are also reports of Bigfoot being shot at close range and disappearing in a bright flash of light. The witnesses then heard the sound of something running accompanied by heavy breathing.

"Predator Camoflage"

Another popular account from Skinwalker Ranch was the team's encounter with an invisible being. The witness stated that the being itself was invisible, but there was some sort of outline, sort of a blurry area in the field of vision. Again, I thought this was another "One-Timer" as far as such things go. BUT, in Linda Godfrey's latest book "The Michigan Dogman", she relates an encounter in which a hunter encountered a creature that "was something out of a Predator movie". The witness could see a translucent form. "it looked like a hole in the woods... It was like one of those badges that show two different things if you look at them from different angles; one angle was forest, theother was this hole." Note that this encounter took place in 1977, ten years before "Predator" was released. The creature DID leave evidence of its presence in the form of trampled-down grass, and the hunter reported that it made sounds when it moved.
And yeah, he did shoot at it. It's only response was to move as if surprised, otherwise it was apparently unaffected.

"Aerial Phenomena"

Skinwalker Ranch is famous for it's "portal", an aerial phenomenon which appears to be literally a hole in the sky. The opening is only visible from a certain angle and a certain times.
In "Silent Ivasion", Stan Gordon reports that during their time there, there were frequent flashes in the sky that couldn't be attributed to lightening. There is also a UFO report that had a strange twist: "As the four of them watched, there were five sudden brilliant flashes of light about one second apart... that lit the sky like a welder's arc. Each flash came down as a ring oflight that circled the entire section of the sky''' With each flash, the ring section became larger, and became a deeper blood red.... The sky suddenly became full of small, bright silver lights that came toward the larger object which was now solid red in color. As these smaller silver lights approached the larger object, they appeared to change to red. The sight gave the observers the impression of bees going into a hive."
I wonder if the bright flashes of light signalled the opening of a portal? The witnesses said the circlular flashes formed a "tube". And what about the tiny silver lights? Well, I've got to look that up, but I read a VERY similar account from Washington State that took place in an area of Bigfoot activity.
All I can say right now is "Hmmmm..."


Autumnforest said...

Oh, tingles and goosebumps! Yes! I love this subject. I am fascinated with portals and the concepts of them being attached to UFO sightings and cryptids and BF. It seems that for a portal to open, something has to be disturbed in the atmosphere. There should be ways to perhaps predict one about to open or one that has opened or one that is open at the time. It would be interesting to see what sort of places they show up in and what commonalities they have, fault lines, geology, earthquakes, or something else. I hope you talk more on this subject. It's really really fascinating.

Gummerfan said...

Yep, it would be awesome to be able to predict where and when one of these portals will open or an area become active so an investigation could begin ASAP! But again, there seems to be some kind of "Intelligence" about these things, a trickster-ish element almost.
"It" seems to enjoy messing with us, but once confronted or sought out, or studied with a scientific detachment, "It" seems to move on.
If only we could figure out "Its" motivation, or purpose, oe if these things really are just random.

Anonymous said...

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Adsila said...

I enjoy hearing about the lesser known stories... these were very interesting.

Gummerfan said...

Anon: Thanks, I know there are quite a few sites and forums that deal with the place. There was an "internet rumor" a while back about a shootout between security personnel and a group of aliens.

Adsila: I'm glad you enjoy these. The "major" phenomena get so much attention, I like pointing outsome of other stuff. :)