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04 February 2011

Miss A Day, Miss A Lot...

You know how it is, you hit the 'net every day, check out your favorite sites and blogs, and nothing really catches your interest. Soon it gets kinda boring, so you "lay off" a while. Inevitably, this results in your missing something. :)
Well, just in case y'all don't follow the same blogs as I do, here's some nifty stuff:
Werewolves Of Georgia Again?
Over at his newly-named Canis Sapiens Blog, "KCreekBeast" seems to be experiencing a return of the "Beast Of Kellogg Creek". Strange sounds, a sighting, and something walking around on the roof! All I gotta say is, "Good huntin', Wolfboy! Wish I could be there!"

Mothman: He's Baaaaack! (maybe!)

Meanwhile, over at Phantoms And Monsters, Regan Lee details some accounts of a new rash of sightings of a Mothman type entity. Is MM back? Should we prepare for another disaster? (I mean aside from the freaky weather, bird, fish, and animal die-offs...).


I like Nick Redfern, really I do. The problem is we think too much alike. Whenever I discuss him, I've gotten into the habit of repeating his last name in a tone of mock hatred. Like Professor Farnsworth on Futurama does whenever he sees his "rival" Professor Wernstrom. ("WERRRRNNNSSTROMM!").
Call it a Fortean Synchronicity, a coincidence, or a blatant case of stealing my thunder, but Nick has posted a review of Stan Gordon's new book "Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook". Oh well, he's got a much larger audience than I do, and the more people who read the book, the better. You can read Nick's review at his Something In The Woods blog. As for me, I'll be posting some of my own thoughts on some of the cases discussed in the book here.
That's just the nature of the Monster Hunting/Heavy Weirdness biz. Sometimes you've got a long dry spell, sometimes there's more strangeness than you can keep up with.
Wonder if we're on the verge of another flap or "window/portal" event? Guess we'll all just have to hang on and see what comes next...

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