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26 March 2011

Encounters Wanted!

I've got a ton of books related to encounters with monsters/cryptids/high strangeness. Most of these are older encounters (face it, by the time an encounter is reported, investigated, and a book published, it's O-L-D!). And of course, most of them, (investigation-wise) have been "done to death".
I'd like to reach out to my readership and my friends in the blog/cyber world to report any of your personal encounters to me, or refer any reports you may come across. I've actually got a few in my files that I've recieved, however, unless I have permission, I will not post them, and of course I run across a few on the web, but there are a few problems with that. So, here's my list of "rules and requirements":

1. Submit reports to (this isn't the same email that I'm reached at through the blog)

2. Please state whether or not I have permission to post, publish, or share & discuss your report with other researchers. Some stories may seem minor or inconsequential, BUT, since I and other researchers are looking for patterns and such, what may seem like a minor incident could add a great deal to the overall body of data on any given phenomena. (your report of strange lights in the sky may not seem important, but if it corresponds with another incident in the same or nearby area, or at the same time, it could provide a valuable clue!)

3. Include as many details as possible. Date, time, sights, sounds, smells, "feelings" or sensations, etc.

4. Include your name and/or the names of any other witnesses. If you prefer to remain anonymous, let me know and your wish will be honored. Trust me, I am, after all, a professional.

5. While I don't "do" ghosts per se (there are plenty of people and groups who specialize in that), I am interested in your encounters (hey, it may not even be a ghost, many entities masquerade as ghosts, or can be mistaken for them). ANY reports of paranormal phenomena are welcome, from monsters to aliens, to UFOs, bumps in the night, a weird-looking animal you can't identify, bizarre events, you name it!

And please, no hoaxers!! I realize that the anonymity of the internet is a two-edged sword. While it provides a level of security for those who wouldn't otherwise report something, it also provides ample opportunities for hoaxers and jokers. I WILL attempt follow-up communication with respondents, and if I don't recieve a reply the report goes in the garbage. I WON'T call you crazy, I won't assume you're lying, and I won't pass judgement on your report.

So, let's start getting those sightings in!


Courtney Mroch said...

Neat. I'll start spreading the word. See if I can drum you up some bizness.

Autumnforest said...

Upon occasion, I get people reporting any weird stuff in AZ including BF, so I'll send it your way.

Adsila said...

If I hear of anything that looks good, I will send them your way.

Gummerfan said...

Thanks, everybody! :)