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12 March 2011

Pioneers Of Paranormal Investigation! (a salute!)

Before there was ever a Ghost Hunters franchise, before Zak and his gang-o-douchebags ever had a "lockdown", before Ryan Buell began obsessively trying to imitate Sylvester Stallone's voice,(I read that he actually walks around the sets rehearsing his delivery...) there was an inteprid team of Paranormal Investigators captivating TV audiences.
In fact, I'm certain that without the contributions of this pioneering team, there would be no Ghosts Hunters, no TAPS, and of course no legions of rabid followers, copycats, and wannabes.
If you're younger, you may have never heard of this band of pioneers. Or perhaps they're just a faded memory. But to me, they're the originals, the archetypes after which today's Paranormal Societies have consciously or subconsciously patterned themselves. I refer not to the Spiritualists, nor to the early parapsychologists, nor even to the esteemed Father of Ghost Hunting himself, the great Hans Holzer.
Nope, I'm talking about the folks who REALLY started the ball rolling, the team of Goober And The Ghost Chasers.

While viewed by some as just a Scooby-Doo ripoff, G&TGC was actually quite novel. First off, the ghosts were occassionally REAL, not just Farmer Jenkins in a rubber mask. And since the TAPS Paramag didn't exist at the time, our crew was employed by Ghost Chasers magazine to investigate hauntings and spooks all over the globe, while the Scooby gang just sort of cruised around until they suddenly found themselves with a mystery on their hands. ( and how many TAPSophiles don't dream of having an expense account to fund their hunts?).
Plus, just like today's ghost hunters, the Goober team had some specialized equipment at their disposal. While Jay & Grant have their EMF meters and KIIs (and the ever-popular "key-the-walkie-and-light-up-the-meter" trick) the Goobs had their ever-reliable Specter Detector. Before the advent of IR and thermal cams, Gillie of the Goober team was never without his trusty instamatic and flashcubes. (remember flashcubes?).
And, while today's Ghost Hunting shows feature guest shots by B-list celebs, Goober and The Ghost Chasers were frequently accompanied by the then-superstar Partridge Kids! (take THAT, Meatloaf!)

In fact, one episode revolved around a villiain attempting to steal Danny Partridge's voice! Fortunately for Danny and the world, the team managed to thwart his evil scheme!
So, as you tune in to view Steve & Tango attempting to manufacture, er, I mean, isolate and enhance EVP's, or ponder the possibilities of whether a 3D full-spectrum camera will do a better job of capturing blurry, inconclusive photographic evidence, take the time to give proper respect to the true pioneers of the industry, the team who had a hot redhead (Tina) before there was a Kris Williams, who had the catchphrase "This is ridic-alic-alic-alous!" long before anyone ever uttered "Dude, run!" Heck, Goober could even turn invisible, a feat which no modern counterpart has accomplished!
Goober and The Ghost Chasers: I salute you!


Haley Haunted said...

Tha Best!! Love it.

Courtney Mroch said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is classic! GREAT post!

Autumnforest said...

Okay, that's wicked cool. How did I miss this??? I hated the Scooby gang because it was always the damned butler wearing a sheet. Argh! Nice tribute. Definitely more watch-able than GH!

Gummerfan said...

LOL! I actually had to do a little digging to aid my faded memories of the show. Turns out I had it confused with the Funky Phantom! (remember THAT one?)

Jessica Penot said...

Wonderful! I never watched the show. I always thought it was a rip off of Scooby Do, but now that I know about it I'll give it a watch.