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06 March 2011

When UFOs Attack!

I realize that it's not really "in vogue"to consider that UFOs and aliens are anything other than well-meaning, benevolent Space Brothers. Or, at worst, beings who are only interested in harvesting some DNA or cattle organs to help sustain their dying race.
To ascribe any negative or primitive behaviours or attributes such as deliberate cruelty, malicious mischief, or causing intentional harm, to the UFOnauts (whoever or whatever they are) is the intergalactic equivalent of Political Incorrectness. Well folks, Politically Correct is a label which is rarely applied to yours truly! So, the Space Bros are a morally advanced, benevolent, even kind & caring bunch-o-beings, right? Well, try telling that to the Brazilians!
I first read about the "Chupa" phenomenon when I saw it mentioned in "Hunt For The Skinwalker". I thought it was interesting, but I got so caught up in the other heavy weirdness in the book that I put it on the back burner. Now, I've just finished "UFO Danger Zone: Terror and Death in Brazil- Where Next?" by Bob Pratt. The UFO attacks in Brazil have also been researched by noted UFOlogist Jacques Vallee, and are the subject of his book, "Confrontations" which I haven't read yet.
The reports are too long to post here, but here's a link to a blog detailing just a few of the encounters. More can also be found here.
While reading through the statements of the winesses and victims, a few things set off my paranoid radar. First: the UFOs seem to exhibit some contridictory characteristics. They can spot and target a single individual from a great distance, yet they can be thwarted if the target hides in the bushes? They can travel and accelerate at impossible speeds, but the victims can escape by RUNNING AWAY? The UFOs are equipped with beams or rays capable of levitating people or objects, but they can't get you if you grab a bush, tree, or even clumps of grass? Such advanced beings/craft resort to grappling hooks as an attempted abduction tool?
These contradictions may not make sense to some, but to a compulsive paranoid like myself, I smell disinformation! Are you safe if you hide in the undergrowth? Of course not! But by making us think that, THEY are intilling a false sense of security. (why build a bunker if you're convinced you're safe in a closet?). And NO, you couldn't really outrun them, but it's good strategy for them to convince us that we can, right? Could they really pluck you up despite your efforts to resist? Most likely, but, if they were just testing equipment, or performing some kind of experiment (or recon?) they wouldn't really have to, would they?
It's a fascinating, intrigueing, and yes, frightening topic.
Is Brazil just a proving ground for some kind of advanced technology (extraterrestrial or otherwise)? Wht's they're purpose? What's their goal? Why are they there? And of course, the most chilling question of all: WHO'S NEXT??


Autumnforest said...

Hee hee
Reminds me of "Signs" when the aliens couldn't figure out how to use a doorknob. I'm glad that you're so into this field and are so ridiculously well read. What amazes is that, like me, you tend to read these things with a skeptical eye. I go on ghost hunts with people who think every sound is a ghost. Just because you believe in ghosts, doesn't mean everything is a ghost! Same goes for BF and aliens and other fields of unusual research. I think at this point, your theories and your extensive knowledge make you ideal for writing a book, my friend. Self publish in Nook and Kindle. Your POV is one we all need to hear!

Gummerfan said...

LOL! Yeah, I thought about the "Signs" thing. :)
Here's another couple of illustrations I thought of:
Let's say you & your copilot are flying over a third world country in the latest fighter jet. You pick up a villager on your FLIR and give him a buzz. "Hey, look! He's hiding in the bushes! Hee-hee!" The villager then runs home and tells everybody how he "escaped" by hiding.
Some poachers engage in the illegal practice of "spotlighting". The animal freezes in the light and is picked off. But, if the poacher chooses not to shoot, imagine the deer running home to his family and advising them to freeze whenever a spotlight hits 'em.
In both of these cases, the "defense" was completely ineffective, yet the "victim" is convinced it worked.
Now, if we were planning an invasion against a foreign population, would we not be wise to lead them to believe that primative defenses would be effective, when that is not the case?
I believe that's what's going on with these phenomena. "IT" only reveals what it wants us to see, or even what we expect to see. But I think the reality is that there's WAY more "than is dreamt of in our philosophy".

Courtney Mroch said...

Interesting. I learned several things. One was I never knew thinking aliens might be harmful was out of vogue. Where have I been? I'm worried about what they want. And now you've made me paranoid about who's next too!

Gummerfan said...

Hee-hee! Well, if I've spread a little paranoia then my work is done! :)
And yeah, it's pretty much frowned upon to consider that aliens might be the enemy. Everybody's all into the belief that they're our saviours or that they at least care about our species.

Autumnforest said...

Har Har Har. I write about that sort of psychology in my new book I just released on Kindle and Nook. Still reminds me of the ham story. A woman makes an amazing ham every holiday. She cuts the top off of it, puts the special sauce on it, cooks it slow. She is a goddess to her family and friends. One time, she has some folks over and the woman asks for the recipe. She gives it to her, but the woman wonders why she cuts the top off the ham. The woman wonders it too. It's an old family recipe. She goes to her mother and says "mom, why do we cut the top off the ham when we cook it?" Her mother says, "I don't know about you, dear, but I cut the top off because it's the only way it fit in our little oven." The woman just did it without question. Humans are sheep and I doubt we have a thing an alien would want unless after a long interstellar trip they see us as a diner.

Jessica Penot said...

Aliens being bad is out of vogue? Shows what I know. Everything I know about aliens I learned in Mars Attacks so I'll be playing loud music if aliens come after me.

Gummerfan said...

Slim Whitman rocks, huh? :)
Gee, don't you guys remember ET? Hangar 18? All those messages of peace the Contactees are always preaching? :)
(and people call ME a cynic!) ;)