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17 April 2011

Gummerfan Sees UFO

I spent part of last week "on the river" as we say around here. My dad is the manager for a private recreation area on the Tennessee River. It's a pretty sweet setup. He's retired, and now in exchange for maintenance and groundskeeping duties (which he enjoys anyway) he gets a nice little house at the river (all expenses and utilities paid) and he gets to boat, swim, & fish whenever he wants to. My folks have their camper trailer set up on site as well, with full utilities.
So, my family spent some of Spring Break staying in the camper.
I didn't see any monsters, but I did get to do some close observations of the resident cranes. Cranes are frequently scapegoated for the Mothman sightings, and based on what I've seen of them, all I can say is "no effin' way". They don't even come close to resembling the eyewitness descriptions. They MAY be misidentified in some of the "pterosaur" reports, though. In flight, their angled wings, long necks, crested heads, and long legs trailing behind do look a lot like some kind of pterosaur-like creature. Not sayin' it explains them all, but I concede that some misidentification may be responsible for some reports.
Now, about that UFO: One clear night I went outside for a smoke ("NO smoking in the camper!", I'm reminded every time I go outthere!). So, I'm outside looking up at the night sky. The sighting wasn't anything dramatic, no pics or video, or even a real description. I caught sight of a small light at what appeared to be high altitude. It was moving incredibly fast across the sky. It wasn't a meteor. I'veseen plenty of those. I thought it may have been a satellite at first, then (as if it knew what I was thinking and wanted to mess with me!) it performed a couple of rapid zigzag maneuvers before zipping out of sight. So, no, it wasn't a satellite, it wasn't a plane, it wasn't anything natural. The whole sighting only lasted a few seconds, and if I weren't a compulsive sky-watcher I never would have even noticed it.
What was it? I don't know. That's what the "U" stands for, right?


Jessica Penot said...

Awesome. Alabama has a rich UFO history. I bet you did catch a glimpse of something unknown.

Courtney Mroch said...

Aw man. I'm jealous. I wanna see something weird like that! (At least I think I do. I'd probably freak if I really did.) Your camper set up sounds nice, btw. Cool job your dad landed in his retirement!

Gummerfan said...

Well, as I said, it wasn't exactly a "close encounter" or anything like that, more like a thing that makes you go "Hmmmm". :)
Yeah, it's a sweet deal. The recreation area is owned by the company he retired from. It's like having a free Summer house AND getting paid for it. They just live there during the warm weather months. Plus, it's real close to us, so we can go out pretty much whenever we want (or at least have the time!)

Autumnforest said...

I've seen a lot of UFOs, but I always wanted to see one that did a maneuver like that. How cool! I agree about the cranes, WTF?