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28 April 2011

Watch The Skies!

I'll try to be brief since I need to conserve my battery. I'm in North Alabama. We had a freakish series of tornadoes yesterday and last night. After numerous trips back & forth to the shelter, I'm pleased to report that me & mine are all okay. Some folks weren't that lucky. They're talking anywhere from 3-6 days before power is restored. Gasoline is hard to find, all the stores that ARE open can't take cards, and of course the banks are closed and the atm's are down. So far everybody seems to be managing. No reports of looting, pillaging, or cannibalism yet.
I don't know if the aliens or the Cosmic Joker, or some other Intelligence is behind this or not. But, their have been a lot of mass UFO sightings across the world recently, some people say we are being prepared for a major UFO event. The weather across the South is supposed to be clear, there is very little air traffic, and if you're in a blacked-out area, you should have an unprecedented view of the night sky for the next few days. If THEY want to get our attention, this would be an ideal time to sit out under the skies and see what you can see. If nothing else, the peace, quiet, and pleasant view will be nice and relaxing in the midst of the chaos.

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Autumnforest said...

Take care, Gummer! This is a test of your post-apocalyptic skills. I'm relieved you and your family are fine!