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11 May 2011

Banes, Blessings, or Bait?

Part of being a Monster Hunting, Ass-Kicking Enemy Of Evil is knowing the tools of the trade. Depending on the creature/entity in question, you gotta know what you need to be packin', right? Above is a pic of a Vampire Killing Kit from the 1800s. Another one is here:

These kits typically included crosses & crucifixes, mirrors (for detection), daggers, various herbs, holy water, silver flakes or powder, and of course the requisite stakes & hammer. Note the inclusion of a pistol. "Gee, BG", you're saying, "EVERYBODY knows Vamps are immune to gunfire!!". Well, check the folklore, buddy. Apparently vampires can be dispatched with a handgun (silver bullets optional) BUT, the gun has to be fired from the left hand. (I'm left-handed btw, I guess that gives me an edge!)
A quick search of Wiccan/Witchcraft/Occult oriented supply shops will turn up numerous candles, oils, herbs, incense, crystals, amulets, and other goodies intended to bless homes, objects, or individuals, and then there are spells, prayers, incantations, and meditative exercises utilized to defend against negative forces, dark energies, hostile entities, and other things that go bump in the night (or day, for that matter).
I can't help but wonder if some of this stuff is kind of self-defeating though. I mean, if you're HUNTING for a ghost or spirit, or INVESTIGATING a paranormal event or phenomenon, why would you load up on gear designed to drive them away? Kinda like going on a entomological expedition swathed in insect repellent. For that matter, why do so many Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Investigators, and TAPS wannabes expound on how they must investigate at night, and kill all the sources of "interference" (go dark), and THEN wire the location from attic to celler with IR lights, cameras, microphones, laser grids, and laptops? (not to mention being tailed by the camera and sound crew!).
And, on the subject of screwing around with paranormal entities, Phillip Imbrogno mentioned in "The Vengeful Djinn" that he was working on some experiments in djinn-heavy areas using a Tesla coil in an attempt to disrupt their plasic energy! Wonder how that's working out?
But really folks, I say leave the banes behind. Get that cross tattoo removed, take off that silver necklace. If you're going into the woods seeking monsters, sure, pack some heat, but don't go stampeding through the forest contaminating the area.
It's a scary truth that when it comes to monsters, all too often you have to be your own bait!


Autumnforest said...

Loved this post, BG! I have to admit, one of those kits on a display in my writer's den would be very wicked sexy, but practical, nah! I'm going on a hunt this weekend at Birdcage in Tombstone and I assembled a great team, awesome equipment, but the only thing I desire is more encounters with the unknown to see what seems to set it off, what patterns it has, what commonalities... I don't need to prove to anyone this shit, I just need to get my head wrapped around it.

Adsila said...

Great post and advise. I would also love to have one of those kits for display in my room. They are wicked/cool.

Gummerfan said...

Well, if you want a 19th century original, be prepared to pay in the high 5 digits! But, while searching, I did run across some more reasonably priced repros! Of course, you could also make your own. :)