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26 May 2011

Shadow People & MIB: Connection?

Just started reading the book "Casebook On The Men In Black" by Jim Keith. I haven't gotten that far yet, but a thought occurred to me. Keith argues the case that there is a connection between MIB and the various ebony-clad entities of folklore and religion. He does have a point, I guess. There are all kinds of old references to the "black man", the "dark man", and the "man in black".(no, not Johnny Cash!) The black man who meets you at the crossroads, the figures of Voodoo and Hoodoo, and all the other evil, or at least powerful figures of various religions. Keith does point out a lot of similarities. My problem is his reliance on testimony from numerous witch trials as his basis. Knowing the methods used to extract "confessions" from those accused of witchcraft in those dark times, I tend to take their "testimony" with a grain of salt.
Now, I have NO doubt that some MIBs are government agents. I can't say what agency they represent, or what their aims are, but I have no doubt the government would send agents to silence someone who witnessed say, a test of a secret aircraft. I also have no doubt that said agents may deliberately follow the "classic MIB" profile as a psychological tactic to insure the witness's compliance.
But, there are too many cases which suggest that MIBs are something else. Things like their new appearing vintage automobiles, their obsession with time, their bizarre speech patterns, their display of behaviour such as difficulty breathing, or as though the temperature is uncomfortable, or their unfamiliarity with eating utensils, Bic pens, and Jell-O. Yet they sometimes appear to witnesses the day after a UFO encounter, know the witness's name and details of their life, and possess an intimate knowledge of the encounter including details the witness has never shared with anyone.
With my mind in "conspiracy mode" I started to think about any other possible connections. Then it occurred to me, Shadow People?
SPs are black (blacker than black in fact). They seem to exist in another dimension. They have a penchant for observing people with or without their knowledge. Their ability to move through walls, remain unseen (most of the time), and appear and disappear at will would make them ideal for intelligence gathering, no? And if they exist in another dimension, their confusion regarding time, and their lack of familiarity with our physical realm makes sense. Heck, a lot of Shadow People even wear hats!
This is one of those puzzle pieces I'm always turning over in my twisted brain. I FEEL like there's something there, but I gotta admit I do need more evidence.


Autumnforest said...

This is probably my favorite post of yours for all time! I've been considering this too. Shadow people are not spirit forms trying to manifest or noncorporeals. The really upsetting thing is that they show up anywhere--new houses, old houses, parks, graveyards and they always startle when they realize we see them and they rush off. That is intriguing to say the least. Suppose you had a UFO culture coming to observe us. Wouldn't a "clean up" crew be important to gauge our reactions to UFO encounters and just how ready we are? Couldn't these forms coming in and out of our existence show up as shadowpeople with hats? Sometimes short shadowpeople not fully formed? I'm intrigued BG and I would love you to pursue this more and think about writing a damn book! I want a book written by you so much, I can taste it!

Courtney Mroch said...

Even when it comes to werewolf lore there's mention of a "black man." The French have tales of men who claimed to be given the power to transform into a werewolf via a "Black Man" who visited them. In some cases he brings them things (like cloaks made of wolf fur) to transform. Very neat post, Burt.