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09 May 2011

A Vortex, You Say??

With all my blathering about multi-dimensional beings, time travel, the space/time continuum and the various examples of how reality doesn't like to play by our rules, I must say it did my heart good to find this article which states that a spacetime vortex apparently exists around the Earth.
Granted, when it comes to this stuff, some of the physics and theories involved DO put a strain on what's left of my gray matter, it's exciting to hear about these discoveries nonetheless. Not saying it explains all the heavy weirdness and high strangeness in the annals (two "n"'s!) of Fortean studies, but it just may provide a big piece to this twisted puzzle. Is this related to UFOs? Mysterious creatures? Bizarre anachronistic artifacts?
In the words of Popeye, "faskinatin'!"

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Autumnforest said...

Yes!!! I am very excited about these things. I'm actually putting together a book on the fourth dimension and paranormal/UFO phenomena. There is a whole "world" we aren't privy to with our five senses. We are just babes in the 3D world with no perspective to understand the other dimensions.