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28 November 2012

Manor-festation, or, Little Gummerfan Home At Last!

Hello again, folks! The last time I posted, I was in the midst of the nightmare known as house-hunting. At long last, after searching, missing out, searching some more, bids and counter-offers, inspections, re-inspections, dealing with a real jerk of a seller, loading and unloading,and so on and so on, I'm pleased to report the Gummerfan clan now has a new place to call home! We saw this property online during our first search, only to see the listing removed before we got a chance to check it out. So, after the deal on another house fell through, the property was listed again (at a reduced price, no less!) and we jumped on it. Okay, it wasn't the quickest deal in the history of real estate. As I said before, the seller turned out to be a real jerk and tried everything he could to either get out of the deal (he couldn't) or get us to back out (in the words of Burt Gummer himself, "I was born to hold out"!). So, I'm now a proud homeowner. The place is located just a couple of miles from the Bankhead National Forest, far enough from civilization to be safe from the initial waves of a zombie outbreak, but not too far from the nearest town. Got an inground pool, a 2.5 acre backyard, and some awesome views (see pics). The seller's final nosethumbing was deciding he didn't have to maintain the lawn or pool for the months leading up to closing, but thanks to some helpful neighbors, we got the place looking good in no time at a bargain price. Oh, yeah, neighbors. The neighbors are close enough to be of help when needed, but far enough away to insure privacy. The folks around here tend to mind their own business, but always available to lend a hand when needed. Nice! The house isn't a mansion or anything, but compared to our old digs it's downright palatial. :) 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a cozy comfy den, a formal (but not "stuffy") livingroom, big master suite, detached garage with upstairs recroom, even a barn. (gotta figure out a use for that!). Oh, and the previous owner tried to dig a bass pond on the back of the property, but apparently it refuses to hold water. I consider that a big plus, cuz now I have my own shooting range!! And now that we're far from the city, we've got a great view of the night sky. I got the wife out one of our first nights here to see, and she couldn't believe that there are always THAT many stars in the sky. Yeah, going through the whole ordeal was definitely worth it!

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